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Giving Back to Our Community

  • Nearly 30 Mercy staff signed up to participate in United Way of East Central Iowa’s 22nd annual Day of Caring in May 2015! The Mercy crew cleaned up I-380.
  • Mercy donates Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to non-profit organizations in need in our community. This donation to the Salvation Army in December 2014 was Mercy's sixth since the program launched in October 2014.
  • Melissa from Mercy's Community Benefit and Mission Outreach program works with the homeless and other underserved populations, including offering free blood pressure screenings like this one with Sister Susan at Geneva Tower in downtown Cedar Rapids.
  • In 2013, Mercy employees raised $5,207.35 – which translates to 20,828 pounds of food, or 15,621 meals for HACAP's Eastern Iowa Freedom from Hunger. Thanks to everyone who donated!
  • The top 2 awards for the Cedar Rapids Freedom From Hunger Campaign went to Mercy Medical Center for the most monetary donations.  Almost 80,000 total pounds of food were collected.Mercy’s Information Services (I.S.) and Hall Radiation were the top donating departments (per employee). I.S. raised $2,325 and Hall Radiation raised $1,260.
  • The 2009 annual Mercy Garage Sale raised an all-time record of $7,353.05, with proceeds going to the Employee Emergency Fund. This fund was created to help employees who request assistance receive financial help during a time of need. Sale donations of furniture, children's books, etc., go to support this fund and on to those who need it most. Employees and volunteers give their time (and muscles) to support the garage sale.
  • Children enjoyed fun hands-on learning activities at Mercy’s Kids Health Fair held Saturday, Aug. 29 at Lindale Mall.The event was located near Wellville, the child’s play area sponsored by Mercy.
  • Anne Obrecht, administrative intern at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids, helps Gary Pacha, an Iowa City Rotarian, load a patient treatment cart onto a truck Aug. 21.  Mercy donated used and surplus medical equipment to the Rotary group, which will send the items to areas of Central America where donated medical supplies are in great demand.
  • Mercy's Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) program was started more than 10 years ago to provide the best care for the sexual assault victims in our community. This was the first program developed in Cedar Rapids and is a free service. The program includes a team of nurses who went through in-depth training to provide all aspects of the forensic and health-care processes for sexual assault victims. It offers sexual assault nurse examination services 24/7 through the Emergency Department.
  • Mercy is donating space at the former downtown Penny Saver building to the Young Parents Network’s (YPN) We Care Shop. Many volunteers helped paint, clean and restock the shop. YPN offers services to younger parents, typically between the ages of 12 to 25.
  • Mercy staff members participated in United Way’s Day of Caring. Working for the Downtown District, they planted flowers, stained benches, and washed and covered windows in the downtown area.

Community Benefit has been a part of Mercy Medical Center's heritage for more than 100 years, when the hospital was founded by the Sisters of Mercy to take care of the sick and the poor. It is a way for our employees to reach beyond the walls of the hospital, making a difference in the community during work hours.

Mercy continually strives to expand the visibility and importance of community benefit activities, firmly believing that each person has the responsibility to reach out and touch the lives of others. From free health screenings to helping out at a non-profit organization, our employees' contributions are an expression of The Mercy Touch

AED Donation Program

The Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) donation program at Mercy is designed to equip local non-profits demonstrating financial need with the life-saving devices. The non-profits must also exhibit a need for AED coverage for their facility and participate in an application process. Download the application. Completed applications need to be returned by September 30, 2016.

Community Nonprofit Partners:

If you have a need for volunteer hours, please submit them here.


Linn County Public Health's Community Health Improvement Plan 2011-2014