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Mercy Nursing Honor Guard

Mercy Nursing Honor Guard Carnations

A Nurse's Prayer

Give me strength and wisdom when others need my touch;
a soothing word to speak to them,
their hearts yearn for
so much.
Give me joy and laughter,
to lift a weary soul;
pour in me compassion,
to make the broken whole.
Give me gentle, healing hands,
for those left in
my care;
a blessing to those
who need me,
this is a nurse's prayer.

Mercy Medical Center offers a Nursing Honor Guard to recognize and honor men and women who have dedicated their lives to the nursing profession. The Nursing Honor Guard pays tribute to individuals at the time of their death to appropriately pay respects to those who dedicated their lives to helping others.

Active and retired nurses volunteer their time to travel the area and honor fellow nurses as part of the Nursing Honor Guard. It is a privilege for the members of the Honor Guard to participate in recognizing nurses and help bring peace to mourners during their time of loss.

Services of the Nursing Honor Guard

There are several ways the Honor Guard can pay tribute to nurses:

  • Standing guard at the nurse's casket or simply providing a presence at the nurse's visitation
  • Recite "A Nurse's Prayer" at the gravesite or during a special service
  • Presentation of Florence Nightingale nursing lamp
  • Placement of a carnation on the nurse's casket at the end of the service which signifies the nurse's devotion to his or her profession

Any of these services can be performed based on the family's request. Approximately four to six Honor Guard members will be available to participate at a service or funeral.

Those We Can Serve

The following nurses are eligible for a tribute from the Nursing Honor Guard at the family's request:

  • Any retired or active RN or LPN whose funeral or service is within a 50-mile radius of Mercy Medical Center
  • Any RN graduate of Mercy School of Nursing or Mount Mercy whose funeral or service is within a 50-mile radius of Mercy Medical Center

To request the presence of Mercy's Honor Guard at a nurse’s funeral or service, please contact Mercy's Patient Care Services at (319) 398-6145.