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Mercy Medical Center is Raising The Bar on Medication Safety

Mercy Medical Center's number one priority is to provide the best possible care for you, our patient. Therefore, we have implemented a medication administration system called Bedside Medication Verification/electronic Medication Administration Record (BMV/eMAR) throughout the inpatient areas at Mercy. To ensure you are receiving the right medication at the correct dosage, a nurse will use a handheld scanner to scan your wristband and the medication to make sure they match.

Mercy's commitment to providing patient-centered care with a focus on quality and safety is the reason we have implemented the bar coding system.

  • Patients will see the following changes with the implementation of BMV/eMAR:
  • Professionals scanning your wristbands and verbally verifying your name to ensure you are the "right patient."
  • Professionals scanning bar-coded medication to verify you are receiving the right medication at the right time.
  • New patient wristbands with standardized Iowa color-coded alerts. The color-coded clips are part of a new state-wide system for identifying unique patient needs such as fall risk, allergies and patient resuscitation to the patient care staff.            

Bar-coded medication administration is considered much safer and an ultimate goal of most healthcare organizations. While 23 percent of U.S. hospitals have adopted bar code technology to ensure safety during medication administration, only half have fully implemented the technology.* 

Mercy is proud to be part of that select group of hospitals that have fully implemented bar-coded medication technology.

*Source: American Hospital Association, Forward Momentum: Hospital Use of Information Technology, 2005