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Vision & Mission Statements

More than 110 years ago, the Sisters of Mercy — guided by their vow "to care for the poor and for the sick" — established Mercy Hospital and laid the foundation for The Mercy Touch®. Although the faces and technologies have changed throughout the years, our vision and mission still reflect our commitment to continuing the Sisters' work today and for years in the future.


Working together to provide exceptional healthcare with The Mercy Touch.


To care for the sick and enhance the health of the communities we serve, guided by the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy.

Our Values (ICARE)

The ICARE values define how we perform work and conduct ourselves with each other and our patients. It's how we define and meet the standards of The Mercy Touch. The Mercy Touch embodies the values of:

  • Integrity    
    We adhere to a code of ethics that emphasizes honesty, sincerity and being open through both our words and actions at all times. We strive to always do the right thing for our patients, families and co-workers.
  • Compassion    
    We believe everyone at Mercy is a caregiver. We treat all patients and families with the utmost respect and compassion. We deliver our care and services with kindness and empathy to help alleviate suffering.
  • Accountability    
    We accept responsibility for our actions and performance.
  • Respect    
    We honor and value the individuality, spirituality and diversity of our patients, families and co-workers by treating them as we – and they – would want to be treated.
  • Excellence 
    We are committed to being patient-centered and providing responsive and personalized care to ensure the best possible outcomes in a safe and holistic environment. We provide superior service and quality by going the extra mile for our patients, their families and our co-workers.