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Published on March 14, 2013

Why get an annual physical?

Yearly evaluations help reveal problems sooner and reinforce healthy behavior. This is true not only for children, but for adults as well.

MercyCare Community Physicians has adopted an evidence-based medical home approach to healthcare that emphasizes prevention, as well as a quality program that tracks the wellness of our patients. Not only do we help prevent health issues, we carefully manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes, to enhance the quality of life of our patients.

We take the time during yearly physicals to identify and prevent health issues such as high blood pressure and cancer. At MercyCare, we realize it’s important for your doctor not only to treat medical problems, but to prevent them. 


What is a Patient-Centered Medical Home?

A Medical Home is not a building, house or hospital, but a team approach to providing health care. This simple, innovative approach to healthcare starts with the family doctor and provides coordinated, personalized, high-quality care. The Medical Home focus is prevention. By shifting the focus from treating health care problems to preventing them, medical costs are reduced and chronic conditions are better managed. MercyCare providers work with their patients to better manage their health and provide access to health coaches who help patients create action plans and offer support reaching their health care goals. 

Coming in for an annual physical is the first step toward becoming a part of the MercyCare Medical Home. 

What is MercyCare's Quality Program?

MercyCare has adopted a quality program that measures quality of patient care by tracking many different metrics of wellness. You might notice that your provider or nurse asks more questions than they used to when you come in for your annual physical. By keeping detailed records on our patients, in our secure Electronic Health Record, we are better able to care for you and provide resources to manage any health condition you might have or be at risk for.

Since beginning this program, MercyCare has consistently outperformed national averages for proactive screenings, preventive care and management of chronic conditions. This means you're more likely to get the care you need to prevent health problems. This program also helps control chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure at a level superior to national averages.  Under the MercyCare model of care, quality of care, not quantity, is important and patients who come in for unrelated conditions have received help scheduling appointments that detected cancer early enough for it to be treated. 


See your primary care provider for your physical annually to prevent health problems. Your provider is able to schedule preventive screenings based on your age and risk factors, as well as give immunizations to your children or provide back to school physicals.

Call your MercyCare provider to schedule your annual physical today! Don't have a primary care provider? Call our referral line or find a clinic close to you on our website.  

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