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Published on December 15, 2015

New Open Note feature launched in MyChart

On December 2, 2015, Mercy launched a new feature that allows MyChart users to view Mercy or MercyCare providers' clinical notes in MyChart. We're pleased to add this benefit to MyChart records as a way of providing patients with greater visibility and transparency in their healthcare so we can work together in managing your health.

What are progress/clinical notes?

In the "Ambulatory Progress Notes" section of your medical record, your healthcare providers record details of your care and clinical status as a result of your office or hospital encounter. Typically, the physician or nurse practitioner on your care team will enter a progress note for every visit. This allows your care team to have a simple summary of your condition for later reference.

Clinical notes are used for documenting clinical observations, diagnostic tests ordered, procedures performed, and care delivered during a visit. There may be suspected conditions listed in a note that are not confirmed diagnoses. Although patient education is not the purpose of clinical notes, we hope that this information will enable MyChart users to become more involved and knowledgeable regarding their healthcare.

We're pleased to continue offering this tool as yet another reflection of The Mercy Touch®.

If you don’t have a MyChart account, sign up here.

For MyChart users:

To view clinic notes on your computer, go to the "Visits" tab at the top. From there, select "Visit Summaries" under the Visit History header and then select the date of visit. The After Visit Summary (AVS) will contain the notes. Notes will not be viewable on mobile devices using the MyChart mobile app.

Please note: only notes completed after December 2 have been released. Individuals who have proxy access to another patient's account/medical record will be able to view the notes in that record. If you would like to change proxy access as a result of clinical notes being available, please contact Mercy's Health Information Management department at (319) 398-6161.

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