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Published on July 25, 2017

Not Sure Where to Go?

Kristen Bockenstedt, ARNP, with a patientIf it’s not an emergency, always start with your primary care provider.

It can be difficult to determine where to go when you or your loved one needs medical care. Primary care providers serve as a patient’s main medical contact – the first call you make when your throat hurts, you have a fever, or need a physical.

Why start with your family doctor?

They know you best.

Having a primary care provider that has a good knowledge of your medical background can help keep you healthier. It is recommended that you see your primary care physician whenever you can for the best continuity of your healthcare.  They can also conduct your complete physical and help keep you on track with the recommended health screenings appropriate for your age.

They can coordinate your care with specialists.

Your provider evaluates and treats your health needs, recommends and coordinates any additional medical services you may need, and communicates with other physicians that are providing care to you.

You can keep in touch via MyChart.

You can get answers to your medical questions from the comfort of your own home by using MyChart.  This secure patient portal makes communicating with your provider and nurses easy.

Looking for a primary care provider? Contact our Find-A-Doc service at (319) 369-4444 or complete our secure online form at

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