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Published on February 01, 2013

Val’s 100-Pound Weight Loss Journey

Ideal Protein BeforeValeri Gungor had just moved to Cedar Rapids for her dream job. She seemed to have it all – a loving family, a happy home, and now a great career. But there was one thing in Val’s life that seemed to hold her back: her weight. At the time of her move, she weighed 265 pounds. She didn't have the energy that her new job was demanding. On top of that, she felt sick a lot. Val says, “Walking up a flight of stairs left me short of breath and I had to take medication for my blood pressure. I didn't feel well and my blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides were creeping higher. No wonder I had no energy. Hoist an extra 120 pounds of anything on your shoulders and see how far you want to carry it”.

Val struggled with her weight on and off since she was nine. Many members of her family were obese. Often times, her family dinner table was filled with high carb and high fat foods. “I lived my entire life craving food. I wasn't usually physically hungry, but I had a strong drive to eat” says Val. Pizza and birthday cake were her favorites.

In January of 2012, Val found herself approaching 60 and ready for a change. “I wanted to be able to play with my grandchildren and enjoy life without feeling tired and sick”. That’s when she heard about Ideal Protein. Ideal Protein is a healthy weight loss method with proven long-lasting results. Ideal Protein’s food contains highly-digestible, high-biological value protein combined with amino acids, which help maintain lean muscle mass while forcing the body to turn its fat reserves into energy. Val contacted MercyCare Edgewood, an accredited Ideal Protein location, and began her weight loss journey. Right away, she began losing between two and seven pounds per week. She says “the best part of the program was the lack of craving food. I didn't need to eat. I could choose what to eat and when because I wasn't driven to eat. I had control. The freedom that gives me is priceless”.

Ideal Protein After

Val is continuing to lose weight on the Ideal Protein diet. So far she has lost 100 pounds, and was even able to buy a non-plus size shirt for her 60th birthday. “I would never have believed it if someone had told me that I'd no longer crave birthday cake with butter cream frosting and prefer to eat lettuce or broccoli instead, but it's true.” And as for her energy? Val says she can almost keep up with her grandchildren.

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