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Published on August 17, 2017

Tips for Staying Healthy at Work

Office worker holding her backMany of us spend a significant amount of time at work, so fostering healthy habits at your place of employment is important. Here are some simple tips for improving your workplace health:

Getting there safely

No matter how short your commute – wear your seatbelt. Distracted driving is a major cause of traffic collisions. Don’t text, apply makeup, eat, etc. while driving. If you ride a bike or motorcycle to work, wear a helmet.

Avoid sitting for long periods

Sitting for long periods is unhealthy for your circulation and overall health. Put reminders on your calendar to get out of your chair and walk for a quick break.


Using a computer or keyboard all day can cause long-term issues for your wrists and shoulders.

“It is important to avoid prolonged static postures while sitting at your desk or work station,” said Dr. Jeffrey Westpheling, Occupational Health provider at MercyCare Prairie Creek. “Just stopping and stretching for several seconds can be enough to prevent soreness.”


Properly fitted chairs, mice and keyboards can help avoid unhealthy positions. Keep frequently used items within a few feet of your primary work position. Be sure to glance around every so often to avoid eye strain.


Know your company’s emergency plans in case of fire, severe weather or other disasters. Know how to call for help, the locations of fire extinguishers and designated escape routes. If your job requires you to use personal protective equipment (safety glasses, hearing protection, safety shoes, etc.), be sure to wear it properly and consistently. Help avoid food-borne illnesses by washing your hands before eating and preparing food.

Jeffrey Westpheling, MDDr. Westpheling offers Occupational Health services at MercyCare Prairie Creek.

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