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Health News

A compilation of articles and websites related to hot health topics and educational information to keep you informed.

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Is healthy food really more expensive?

A USDA study proves healthy food is not more expensive than 'moderation' foods like most people believe. Read the tips to keep grocery bills low while keeping your family healthy.

Daylight Savings Time have you exhausted?

Scientists say daylight savings time can disrupt your internal clock, learn how to fight the fatigue

Keep Moving

Everyone tells you it's important to keep moving, here's an article that explains why.


It's confirmed, colonoscopies prevent colon cancer deaths. MercyCare providers all utilize a quality program to monitor your health and make sure you're receiving all the appropriate screenings for your age, such as colonoscopies. These important screenings can be ordered by your family doctor at your annual physical

Prevent Heart Attacks

Want to be able to eat to your heart's content, while making sure you don't raise your cholesterol to risky levels?

Flu Season Arrives

The Center for Disease Control reports that the flu season is finally here. It's not too late to get your flu shot to protect yourself and your family members!