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Obstetric and Prenatal Care

Before you choose a name or nursery color, choose a good doctor.

That is one of the most important decisions you make during your pregnancy. Whether you're already pregnant or just starting to plan a family, there are MercyCare doctors that would like the opportunity to provide your care. You have a lot of choices ahead of you. MercyCare would like to make your first one a little easier.

MercyCare has several family care providers that offer comprehensive obstetric care as well as prenatal care. While obstetric providers deliver babies, prenatal care providers care for the mother for the first 36 weeks of her pregnancy, where she is then transferred to a provider that delivers. Following the birth of the baby, the MercyCare provider continues to care for the mother and the baby. This allows patients to continue receiving care from their family doctor throughout their pregnancy and after.

Comprehensive Obstetric Care

Matthew Fox, MD - MercyCare Marion

Ann Soenen, DO - MercyCare Vernon Village

Prenatal Care

Amy Andersen, MD - MercyCare North Liberty

Carrie Brown-Benn, ARNP - MercyCare Marion

Todd Pentico, MD - MercyCare Mount Vernon

Tod Walker, PA-C - MercyCare Mount Vernon