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eArrival Frequently Asked Questions

Try our new eArrival service. Choose your arrival time for your Urgent Care visit, and save wait time at the clinic. Just select from available times, then come to MercyCare Urgent Care knowing we are already expecting you.

How does eArrival work?

Visit and select an arrival time. You can check-in using MyChart or as a guest. When you arrive at the clinic, you should experience a shorter wait time because the clinic staff already knew you were coming.

What are the benefits of using eArrival?

eArrival is a new, convenient service, as it allows patients to check-in prior to arrival and experience a shorter wait time upon arrival as a result. Additionally, wait time can be spent outside of a waiting room.  

Is this a scheduled appointment at Urgent Care?

eArrival time is not a scheduled appointment. This service is should reduce wait time at the clinic by putting your name in prior to arriving.

Will I be the first to see the provider?

We may triage patients with more urgent/immediate healthcare needs.  Wait time is subject to change based on walk-in patient volume.

Can I schedule time for more than one patient?

One patient can be scheduled in each time slot. If more than one patient will be examined, multiple timeslots will need to be selected.

What type of visit is eArrival used for?

eArrival is meant to be used for any acute type of visit for which you would normally go to Urgent Care. It is not intended for emergent issues. It is also not meant for chronic issues or preventative visits for which you would normally visit your family physician.

What if I need to cancel my arrival time?

Please call the clinic to inform them of the cancellation.

What if my desired time is not available?

Please contact the clinic by phone. If the eArrival timeslots have already been selected, that doesn’t mean the Urgent Care clinic doesn’t have walk-in availability.

Do I need to check-in when I arrive?

Yes. Please bring your proof of insurance and check-in when you arrive.

What if I am late for my arrival time?

If you arrive more than 10 minutes after your eArrival time, your arrival slot will not be held. You may still walk-in and put your name in at that time.

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