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Expert physicians and allied health practitioners serving our community.

Listed here are a combination of MercyCare and independent providers, all of whom have an affiliation with or privileges to practice at Mercy Medical Center. Offering you easy access to provider information is just one more way Mercy delivers patient-centered care.


1 Provider Allergy/Immunology
1 Provider Allergy Partners of Cedar Rapids
42 Providers Anesthesiology
42 Providers Linn County Anesthesiologists PC
15 Providers Cardiology
14 Providers Mercy Cardiology Clinic
1 Provider Mercy Pediatric Cardiology Clinic
1 Provider Collins Wellness Center
10 Providers Dental
2 Providers Blair Ridge Dental
3 Providers Cedar Rapids Oral Surgery P.C.
1 Provider Cedar Rapids Pediatric Dentistry, PC
1 Provider McCray Oral Surgery
2 Providers Morgan and Morio OMFS
1 Provider Pediatric Dentist
3 Providers Dermatology
2 Providers Dermatology Clinic of Iowa PC
1 Provider John Wollner, MD
1 Provider Diabetes
1 Provider MercyCare Diabetes Center
27 Providers Emergency Medicine
27 Providers Linn County Emergency Medicine, PC
1 Provider Endocrinology
1 Provider MercyCare Endocrinology
73 Providers Family Medicine
2 Providers Affiliates of Family Practice
1 Provider Ahn Clinic
2 Providers Amana Family Practice Clinic
9 Providers Cedar Rapids Medical Education Foundation/Linn Community Care
1 Provider Dr. Mary Anne Nelson
1 Provider Dr. Richard Louvar
5 Providers Family Medicine Specialists, PC
1 Provider Family Physicians of Cedar Rapids, PC
8 Providers MercyCare Blairs Ferry
3 Providers MercyCare Center Point
2 Providers MercyCare Dr. Alberts/Cahalan
3 Providers MercyCare Edgewood
2 Providers MercyCare Health Partners
4 Providers MercyCare Johnson Avenue
9 Providers MercyCare Marion
2 Providers MercyCare Monticello
3 Providers MercyCare Mount Vernon
4 Providers MercyCare North Liberty
2 Providers MercyCare Prairie Creek
4 Providers MercyCare Tama
4 Providers MercyCare Vernon Village
1 Provider Metropolitan Family Medicine & Chiropractic
6 Providers Gastroenterology
6 Providers Gastroenterologists, P.C.
1 Provider Hall-Perrine Cancer Center
3 Providers Hand Surgery
1 Provider Cedar Valley Hand Surgery
2 Providers Physicians' Clinic of Iowa Hand Department
2 Providers Hospice
2 Providers Dennis & Donna Oldorf Hospice House of Mercy
21 Providers Hospital Medicine
18 Providers Hospitalist Medicine Physicians of Linn County, PLLC
3 Providers Mercy Pediatrics
10 Providers Internal Medicine
9 Providers Internist Associates of Iowa
1 Provider Richard T. Pope, MD
1 Provider Mercy Cardiothoracic and Vascular Clinic
4 Providers Mercy Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Clinic
5 Providers Mercy Medical Center
1 Provider Hall-Perrine Cancer Center
1 Provider Intensive Care Center (ICC)
3 Providers Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
3 Providers Mercy Post-Acute Care Transitions (MPACT)
1 Provider Mercy Urology Clinic
2 Providers MercyCare Health Partners
2 Providers MercyCare Medical District
1 Provider MercyCare Prairie Creek Occupational Medicine
4 Providers Neonatology
4 Providers Mercy Medical Center Neonatology
2 Providers Nephrology
2 Providers Mercy Dialysis
8 Providers Neurology
1 Provider Cedar Rapids Neurologists, PC
7 Providers Physicians' Clinic of Iowa Dept. of Neurology
4 Providers Neurosurgery
1 Provider Cedar Neurological Surgeons, PC
2 Providers Darin W Smith M.D., PLC
1 Provider Loren Mouw, M.D.
27 Providers Obstetrics/Gynecology
3 Providers Cedar Rapids OB-GYN Specialists, P.C.
7 Providers Eastern Iowa Health Center
16 Providers OB/GYN Associates PC, A Avenue Location
1 Provider Robin Brown, M.D.
2 Providers Occupational Medicine
2 Providers MercyCare Occupational Health
16 Providers Oncology
3 Providers Ghosh Center for Oncology & Hematology, LLC
3 Providers Hall Radiation Center
1 Provider Hall-Perrine Cancer Center Department of Oncologic Surgery
6 Providers Oncology Associates
3 Providers Physicians' Clinic of Iowa Dept. of Hematology & Oncology
17 Providers Ophthalmology
2 Providers Fox Eye Laser & Cosmetic Institute
9 Providers Iowa Eye Center
6 Providers Wolfe Eye Clinic
22 Providers Orthopaedics
1 Provider David Tearse, MD, LLC
21 Providers Physicians' Clinic of Iowa-Department of Orthopaedics
5 Providers Otolaryngology
5 Providers Physicians' Clinic of Iowa - Department of ENT
1 Provider Partners in Medicine, PC
5 Providers Pathology
5 Providers Weland Clinical Laboratories, PC
22 Providers Pediatric Medicine
7 Providers Mercy Family Counseling & EAP
1 Provider Mercy Pediatric Cardiology Clinic
8 Providers Mercy Pediatric Clinic
6 Providers Pediatric Center PC
3 Providers Physicians Clinic of Iowa Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
14 Providers Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery
1 Provider A. John Vander Zee, Reconstructive Surgery
1 Provider Aesthetic Consultants of Iowa-Plastic Surgical Center
12 Providers Physicians' Clinic of Iowa Dept. of Surgical Specialists
13 Providers Podiatry
1 Provider Eastern Iowa Foot Specialist, PC
2 Providers Family Foot Care Center, PLC
2 Providers Foot and Ankle Specialists of Iowa
3 Providers Iowa Foot and Ankle Clinic
1 Provider Marion Foot and Ankle Specialists, PC
2 Providers Physicians' Clinic of Iowa-Department of Podiatry
2 Providers Podiatry Associates, PC
1 Provider Progressive Rehabilitation Medicine
1 Provider Pruchno Medicine
17 Providers Psychiatry
2 Providers Abbe Center
1 Provider Associates for Behavioral Healthcare
1 Provider Eastern Iowa Psychiatric Services, PC
7 Providers Mercy Family Counseling & EAP
6 Providers Mercy Outpatient Psychiatry
3 Providers Pulmonology
3 Providers Mercy Pulmonology Clinic
31 Providers Radiology
31 Providers Radiology Consultants of Iowa, PLC
5 Providers Rheumatology
5 Providers Physicians' Clinic of Iowa-Department of Rheumatology
17 Providers Surgery
1 Provider Hall-Perrine Cancer Center Department of Oncologic Surgery
4 Providers Mercy General Surgery Clinic
12 Providers Physicians' Clinic of Iowa Dept. of Surgical Specialists
21 Providers Urgent Care
4 Providers MercyCare Marion Urgent Care
7 Providers MercyCare North - Urgent Care Center
3 Providers MercyCare North Liberty Urgent Care
7 Providers MercyCare South - Urgent Care Center
7 Providers Urology
7 Providers Physicians' Clinic of Iowa Dept. of Urology
1 Provider Wound Care & Treatment Therapy
1 Provider Mercy Healing Center


1 Provider Allergy/Immunology
42 Providers Anesthesiology
2 Providers Audiology
15 Providers Cardiology
1 Provider Pediatric Cardiology
1 Provider Colorectal Surgery
11 Providers Dental
3 Providers Dermatology
3 Providers Diabetes & Metabolism
27 Providers Emergency Medicine
1 Provider Endocrinology
75 Providers Family/General Practice
6 Providers Gastroenterology
6 Providers Geriatrics
6 Providers Hematology
4 Providers Hepatology
20 Providers Hospital Medicine
12 Providers Internal Medicine
1 Provider Interventional Pulmonology
7 Providers Neonatology
2 Providers Nephrology
8 Providers Neurology
4 Providers Neurosurgery
28 Providers Obstetrics/Gynecology
2 Providers Occupational Medicine
18 Providers Oncology
1 Provider High-Risk Cancer Genetic Services
1 Provider Oncology Survivorship Program
17 Providers Ophthalmology
3 Providers Retina
20 Providers Orthopaedics
3 Providers Orthopaedics-Hand Surgery
9 Providers Otolaryngology - Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)
1 Provider Facial Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
1 Provider Neurotology
5 Providers Pathology
1 Provider Pediatric Cardiology
18 Providers Pediatric Medicine
1 Provider Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
15 Providers Podiatry
3 Providers Prenatal Care
16 Providers Psychiatry
4 Providers Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
33 Providers Radiology
2 Providers Radiation-Oncology
5 Providers Radiology-Interventional
5 Providers Rheumatology
1 Provider Robotic Surgery
32 Providers Surgery
1 Provider Bariatric Surgery
3 Providers Cardiothoracic Surgery
1 Provider Colorectal Surgery
10 Providers General and Minimally Invasive Surgery
3 Providers Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
1 Provider Robotic Surgery
3 Providers Thoracic Surgery
7 Providers Vascular Surgery
19 Providers Urgent Care
8 Providers Urology
1 Provider Wound Care & Treatment Therapy


Urgent Care

Choose your arrival time for your Urgent Care visit, and save wait time at the clinic. Walk-in urgent care is available in Cedar Rapids, Marion and North Liberty.

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