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Expert physicians and allied health practitioners serving our community.

Listed here are a combination of MercyCare and independent providers, all of whom have an affiliation with or privileges to practice at Mercy Medical Center. Offering you easy access to provider information is just one more way Mercy delivers patient-centered care.


1 Provider Collins Wellness Center
1 Provider Diabetes
1 Provider MercyCare Diabetes Center
73 Providers Family Medicine
2 Providers Affiliates of Family Practice
1 Provider Ahn Clinic
2 Providers Amana Family Practice Clinic
9 Providers Cedar Rapids Medical Education Foundation/Linn Community Care
1 Provider Dr. Mary Anne Nelson
1 Provider Dr. Richard Louvar
1 Provider Dr. Wendy Buresh
5 Providers Family Medicine Specialists, PC
1 Provider Family Physicians of Cedar Rapids, PC
7 Providers MercyCare Blairs Ferry
1 Provider MercyCare Boyson Road
4 Providers MercyCare Center Point
2 Providers MercyCare Dr. Alberts/Cahalan
1 Provider MercyCare East Post Road
4 Providers MercyCare Edgewood
4 Providers MercyCare Johnson Avenue
8 Providers MercyCare Marion
2 Providers MercyCare Monticello
3 Providers MercyCare Mount Vernon
4 Providers MercyCare North Liberty
2 Providers MercyCare Second Avenue
4 Providers MercyCare Tama
4 Providers MercyCare Vernon Village
1 Provider MercyCare Wilkinson
1 Provider Metropolitan Family Medicine & Chiropractic
1 Provider Hospital Medicine
1 Provider Mercy Pediatrics
9 Providers Internal Medicine
8 Providers Internist Associates of Iowa
1 Provider Richard T. Pope, MD
2 Providers Nephrology
2 Providers Mercy Dialysis
1 Provider Partners in Medicine, PC
13 Providers Pediatric Medicine
7 Providers Mercy Pediatric Clinic
6 Providers Pediatric Center PC
15 Providers Urgent Care
4 Providers MercyCare Marion Urgent Care
6 Providers MercyCare North - Urgent Care Center
1 Provider MercyCare North Liberty Urgent Care
5 Providers MercyCare South - Urgent Care Center


2 Providers Diabetes & Metabolism
73 Providers Family/General Practice
10 Providers Internal Medicine
2 Providers Nephrology
3 Providers Obstetrics/Gynecology
14 Providers Pediatric Medicine
13 Providers Urgent Care


Urgent Care sign
Urgent Care

Walk-in urgent care is available in Cedar Rapids, Marion and North Liberty.

Mercy Emergency sign
Emergency Room

The Emergency Room is located at the corner of 10th Street & 8th Avenue.

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