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Sign-On Bonuses Currently Available

  • RNs - Up to $2,500
  • RNs for Birthplace, Ortho, TCU, IRU & Hallmar - Up to $5,000
  • RNs for ICC Open Heart - Up to $8,000
  • Surgical Techs Open Heart - Up to $5,000
  • “I love that we treat people like people – not a number, a room number or a diagnosis.” --Jason, RN, Intensive Care Center
  • Our providers and staff are award-winning, hard-working, fun-loving people.
  • “I love the people I work with and what Mercy represents – the quality, service and compassion.” --Gretchen, RN, BSN, Orthopaedic Center
  • “I know everybody up the chain and feel fully supported. I'm able to try out different things and find out where I'm happiest.” --Marla, RN, BSN, MercyCare Telehealth
  • MercyCare employees recognize each other’s above-and-beyond efforts each month with the ROSE award.
  • “I was so impressed when I started as a student that I didn’t have any interest in anything else. I get so much experience in the Critical Care Float pool. I have no reasons to leave.” --Hayle, RN, BSN, Critical Care Float Pool
  • “I'm proud to say I work here. When I meet somebody else who works at Mercy or MercyCare, there is an immediate bond.” --Alex, CMA, MercyCare clinics
  • “I love being a labor nurse. In stressful situations, we don’t have to say much. We just work in a rhythm. I’m proud to be a part of the Mercy organization.” --Kalista, RN, BSN, Birthplace
  • Employees like Diane (center) exemplify The Mercy Touch every day, and we love to celebrate them!
  • “I turned down another opportunity because the unit wasn’t set up as well. At Mercy, there is updated equipment, supplies in the rooms, etc. It’s really set up for good nursing care.” --Melissa, RN, Intensive Care Center

Thank you for your interest in a career at Mercy Medical Center or MercyCare Community Physicians!

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