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Life at Mercy

Mercy can help you start your career in a nurturing and challenging environment that provides growth, flexible scheduling, personal fulfillment and security because health care workers are in demand. Here, you can make a living and make a difference. However, a good job and great career require more than that.

Get a sneak peek into what it's like to work here!

We filmed an orientation session for new employees and were so touched by their heartfelt responses to the question, "Why did you choose Mercy?" – we just had to share:

Meet Mercy Staff

Hear from patient care staff on why they chose Mercy, what they love and why they stay.

  • Jordan, RN, BSN, has been with Mercy's Women's & Children's Float Pool since 2016. A float pool nurse, she rotates between the Birthplace, NICU and Pediatric Inpatient Center. She says she chose Mercy because it is an independent hospital with lots of resources to help patients and families. Jordan also likes that, at a smaller hospital, she can get to know the doctors and staff better. She says there are a lot of experienced nurses who are invested in helping new nurses learn the ropes.
  • Alex is a CMA in the MercyCare clinics and says she’s always been a Mercy patient/Mercy family. Her grandma retired from Hospice of Mercy at the same time as she started working for MercyCare in the spring of 2015. She says Mercy was right where she started and ended her job search when she was ready to move to patient care. Alex says she’s proud to tell people she works for Mercy. “When I meet somebody else who works at Mercy or MercyCare, there is an immediate bond,” she said.
  • Jason has been an RN in the Intensive Care Center (ICC) since 2014. After multiple job shadows, he chose Mercy because he loved the environment, teamwork and interaction. “Everyone helps everyone else out. We’re all coworkers, but we’re all friends, too. Nowhere else is like here,” he said. “I love that we treat people like people – not a number, a room number or a diagnosis.” Jason says the physicians are fantastic to work with and the ICC is a great atmosphere.
  • Tia joined Mercy in the summer of 2015 as an LPN in the Post-Acute Float Pool. Tia says, “I love this hospital.” She appreciates that Mercy cares about family, and what’s going on with employees. She also has high praise for her manager, “He’s like superman. He has so many people in the float pool and he accommodates every single one. He’s a dad, so he understands that we have things that go on outside of work.” Tia adds, “Every single employee has a smile.”
  • Carrie, currently a NICU RN, has been with Mercy since 2009, when she started as a patient care tech in the surgical inpatient unit. She liked the small, close-knit feeling, “like your own little family wherever you go.” She did her clinicals in multiple area hospitals, but “Mercy just felt like where I belonged.” Carrie says she loves that, as Mercy gets bigger, she sees more ARNPs and can see room for advancement. “They find a place for you as you continue.”
  • Gretchen is an RN, BSN in the Orthopaedic Center. She says, “I love the people I work with and what Mercy represents – the quality, service and compassion.” She  also loves the flexibility. “I started at Mercy in 1993 and left to have babies and stay home with my children. They welcomed me back with open arms.” She says the friendly, loving, encouraging atmosphere that she chose Mercy for back then still exists now. “Every day is a new day to grow at Mercy.”
  • Marla is an RN, BSN with MercyCare Telehealth. She chose Mercy in 2011 because she was born here and because of Mercy’s reputation for being a good hospital. Marla says she has the best bosses in Telehealth. “I know everybody up the chain and feel fully supported; the providers are absolutely awesome.” She also appreciates the opportunities within Mercy. “I started in Neuro, went to the ER, then moved over to Telehealth for a more predictable schedule. I’m still able to try out different things, find a niche and where I’m happiest.”
  • Meredith has been an RN, BSN in the Emergency Department since 2011. When she first moved to the area, she walked around the hospitals and really liked the feel of Mercy – seeing staff working together and being a team. She said she only applied at Mercy. Meredith says she loves all of her coworkers and her manager, and that there is great teamwork in the ER. She says the physicians are fantastic to work with, too, and every day is different. “I haven’t even once thought about leaving the Mercy ER.”
  • Hayle has worked at Mercy since 2011; she’s currently a nurse in the Critical Care Float Pool, which means she cares for patients in the ER, ICU and Cardiac Stroke Center. After working and training here during nursing school, Hayle says she only applied to Mercy for a full-time job. “I was so impressed when I started as a student that I didn’t have any interest in anything else. I get so much experience in the Critical Care Float pool. I have no reasons to leave.”
  • Jessie joined Mercy in spring 2015 as an RN in the Pulmonary Medicine Center. She says she chose Mercy because she was looking to make a career where she could advance and expand her education. Jessie said she has already learned how important <em>The Mercy Touch</em> is to patients. “You really feel that Mercy Touch from them, too. I got a card from a patient thanking me for praying with them, which I really appreciated.”
  • Stephanie is an RN, BSN, CEN has been with Mercy since 1996, and in the Emergency Department since 2001. Moving to the area from out of state, she interviewed at a couple of places, but said Mercy had the most welcoming atmosphere. She likes that everyone in all departments work together. “It’s very cohesive. It’s your second family,” she said.
  • Michelle has been an RN in the Cardiac Stroke Center since 2012. “I can’t imagine not being at Mercy,” she said. She appreciated how fast HR set up the initial interview. She also loves her team and said they all work well together. “Management is the glue that holds us all together,” she said. “We really do have <em>The Mercy Touch</em> and go above and beyond for our patients. There’s no reason for me to leave. If I did leave the unit, it would be to go somewhere else within Mercy.”
  • Abbie is an RN in Behavioral Services. She said, when she applied in 2011, she was hired immediately. “This is the one I was waiting for.” She says her unit is like a big family. “We help each other out and have each other’s backs, which you have to have in behavioral health.” Abbie likes that her job is very flexible and says she’s made a lot of friends in her department. “I really don’t know what I’d do without some of the people I work with. “
  • Alexis is an RN, BSN, SANE-A in the Emergency Department. She chose Mercy in 2010 because it sounded like a great facility. “There was a lot of shared governance for nursing, and it seemed homey,” she said. “It was better to be at an organization like this than a number at a larger facility.” She likes the variety of patients she sees in the ED and working with her team, which she says is like a family. “I’m not even bothered that I’m working a holiday. We are friends outside of work and there are lots of outings to get together as friends.”
  • Julie, a NICU RNC, has been with Mercy since 1992. She had such good experiences and care when she had her own babies here that she wanted to be part of it. “It was a heart decision,” she said. Julie said there is something tangibly different about <em>The Mercy Touch</em> and that the care her parents received from ER to Hospice was amazing. “I love my job. Taking a sick baby with worried parents, going through the ups and downs with them, to the patient going home with the baby they dreamed about – it’s so satisfying.”
  • Kelsey, an RN, BSN in Surgical/Oncology, has been with Mercy since 2010. She loves the teamwork and that the standard is excellent care. “We train and provide support to new nurses so they can provide that excellent care as well,” she said. Kelsey also loves that the nurses in her unit have a voice and can go to their manager with issues. “I like telling people I work at Mercy,” she said. “I feel a sense of pride knowing the excellent care we provide to our patients.”
  • Brianne, an RN, BSN in the Pediatric Inpatient Center, has been at Mercy since 2006. She initially chose Mercy because she liked the benefits and felt more at home here more than she did elsewhere. Brianne says she loves everything about her unit. “The people are amazing and like an extension of my family. We really do care for each other outside of work. Carri (my nurse manager) is amazing. She is our voice.” Her husband also works at Mercy. “Our managers have always been very accommodating for our schedules,” she said.
  • Kaitlyn is an RN, BSN, Critical Care Float Pool, and has been at Mercy since 2012.  Kaitlyn says she like the people she works with a lot. “Mercy also has great values and treats the patients and staff very well,” she said.
  • Kalista is currently an RN, BSN in the Birthplace, and has been with Mercy since 2005. She chose Mercy because of the good reputation and because it was big enough to grow in and get experience, but small enough to know people in different departments. She said she loves her co-workers, “In stressful situations, we don’t have to say much. We just work in a rhythm.” Kalista said she loves being a labor nurse. “I’m proud to be a part of the Mercy organization,” she said.

Part of a Family

At Mercy, you feel like you are part of a family that's a real support system.
  • Mercy has been here for more than 100 years, started by the Sisters of Mercy. The special, personal care we provide - known as the Mercy Touch - stems from the Sisters' compassion and commitment to patient-centered care.  
  • Today, that caring is a big part of what makes Mercy unique - for patients and employees. And it's all enhanced by the best state-of-the-art technology available.
  • Mercy patients can count on well-trained, skilled professionals who take the time to explain procedures, show genuine concern for every patient and apply the latest advances in medical technology, combining compassion, respect and expertise.
  • Mercy employees find encouragement and guidance from mentors, challenging work and the chance to work with some of the latest, most sophisticated technology anywhere.
  • Our employees start here and stay here. Of more than 2,300 employees, 350 have been at Mercy for 20 years or longer.

Experience a career at Mercy as a student

Want a taste of life at Mercy through job shadowing? Mercy offers two separate job shadow experiences for high school students, coordinated through the Workplace Learning Connection at Kirkwood Community College:
  • A two-hour job shadow in a department.
  • A day-long event with three separate job shadow experiences in three departments, each lasting for one hour.

Workplace Learning Connection 

Interested students should call the Workplace main office, where they'll be directed to the area they're interested in. For more information, visit Workplace Learning Connection. Interested college students should contact Mercy's Human Resources Department at (319) 398-6150.

Other Job Shadows

Other one-on-one job shadow experiences are coordinated through Mercy's volunteer department. To contact them, call (319) 398-6035.