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Maps & Directions

Use the legend within the map below to select the type of Mercy or MercyCare service you're looking for; or, if you already know the facility you're looking for, just type it into the search box.

You can also scroll down for floor maps to help you find your way around the hospital and Hall-Perrine Cancer Center, as well as maps to our off-site facilities.

Page of 21, showing locations 1-10 of 205
Page of 21, showing locations 1-10 of 205

Free valet service is available at the 8th Avenue (Lundy Pavilion) entrance. Learn more.

Mercy Medical Center Campus

Mercy Medical Center Campus Map

Mercy Medical Center campus map

Mercy Medical Center Maps by Floor

Mercy Pediatric Clinic

Mercy's Pediatric Clinic is on Level 4 South, Lundy Pavilion, at the hospital – 701 10th Street SE, Cedar Rapids, IA, 52401. Park on Level 4 South of the ramp at 8th Street & 8th Avenue.

Hall-Perrine Cancer Center Maps by Floor

Off-Campus Facilities:

Mercy Health Plaza

A variety of services are offered at Mercy Health Plaza.

Mercy Family Counseling

Mercy Family Counseling map

Hospice of Mercy

Sedlacek Treatment Center

Map of Sedlacek Treatment Center location