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Kris' live colonoscopy: what did they find?

Dr. Dean Abramson removed two polyps from Kris’ colon. After performing a biopsy on the polyps, it was found that one polyp was benign (non-cancerous) and the other was an adenoma (pre-cancerous). Adenoma is not uncommon and, at the stage it was discovered, not harmful to Kris. Given that adenomatous polyps can lead to cancer, having it found and removed now may have saved Kris from developing colon cancer – the third most common type of cancer.

It’s a good thing Kris had her colonoscopy at the recommended age of 50 – having waited may have allowed the adenoma to develop further. What’s next for Kris? After undergoing this simple procedure, Kris can live her life knowing that she is colon-cancer free. Because one of the polyps found was pre-cancerous, Dr. Abramson recommends a follow-up screening in three years. Kris says that, unfortunately, many people don’t follow their physician’s recommendations—but she promises she will. For Kris, this was a simple procedure with easy prep and no pain or discomfort that resulted in removing a polyp that could have lead to cancer.

How will you mark your 50th birthday? Are you age 50 or older? Schedule your colonoscopy today.