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Published on February 15, 2011

Heart brochureLessons on heart health result in student-designed brochure for Mercy

 Mercy Medical Center is pleased to announce it has partnered with neighboring McKinley Middle School once again this year on a science project involving the school’s sixth grade students.  As part of a science unit on the vascular system, McKinley science teacher Michele Wilson asked Mercy nurses to present information on heart disease, risk factors, diet and exercise.  The sixth graders were then invited to design and create an informational brochure that will be used to promote heart health among their peers and throughout the community.

Of the 87 students who participated, judges from McKinley and Mercy chose a winning design.  Mercy is printing the brochures and will help distribute them.

StudentsThe creators of this year’s winning brochure are Keenan Collins, Patrick McKinstry and Spencer Henningsen.  The three students designed the brochure as a team. 

Science teacher Michele Wilson says she’s pleased with the number of students who eagerly participated in the brochure contest and says the project was a great way for students to do their own research on heart health.

The McKinley students who are part of the science unit in Wilson’s class are touring heart-related areas of Mercy Medical Center this week, Feb. 14 to 18.  They will take part in hands-on activities in non-invasive cardiology, which includes rehabilitation, stress testing, echocardiogram and pulmonary function labs, as well as the recovery bay and cath lab.