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Published on June 08, 2010

Mercy adds smart IV pumps to all patient suites and outpatient units

New technology raises the bar once again on medication safety


Mercy Medical Center is adding new Alaris smart IV pumps to all its private patient suites and outpatient units, beginning June 8. The pumps are computerized and programmed with specific drug dictionaries, making the administration of intravenous medication easier for staff and providing patients with the latest safety assurance technology. The smart pumps ensure that drugs are administered safely and accurately as prescribed by the physician and according to best practices, affording unsurpassed accuracy.


The addition of the smart pumps will complement Mercy's recently initiated medication administration system (BMV/EMAR) and will fully integrate with BMV (bar code system) within the next year or two. Drug administration is checked by the computerized system to ensure accuracy. Additionally, the smart pumps provide data to prescribing physicians on Mercy's medication administration.


"This new smart IV pump technology, coupled with the recent addition of a fully automated pharmacy with bar-code medication verification, is our commitment to our patients to offer the safest, most integrated medication administration system available, says Laura Reed, Mercy's Director of Inpatient Services. "Once again this demonstrates Mercy's continued commitment to providing patient-centered care with a focus on quality and patient safety."


As part of this new system, Mercy will be the only hospital in Cedar Rapids to now have End tidal CO2 (EtCO2) monitoring. The EtCO2 device monitors a patient's breathing and offers alerts to ensure proper ventilation. With EtCO2 Mercy has the most sophisticated IV pumps in the area.