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Published on November 16, 2009

Mercy Fitness Center Earns National Accreditation

One of only 10 nationally-accredited centers

Mercy Fitness Center is one of only 10 centers across the country to earn national accreditation as a Medical Fitness Center from the Medical Fitness Association (MFA). A medical fitness center is specifically equipped to help members participate in individualized and medically supervised exercise programs, as well as to provide healthy lifestyle education. The MFA certification program is designed to ensure safer and more effective exercise programs.

To qualify for certification facilities must have been in operation for more than one year and meet stringent national standards and guidelines that include:

  • Active and regular medical oversight
  • Certified and licensed staff
  • Written policies and procedures including safety and emergency response procedures
  • Disease management and prevention programs
  • Health risk reduction and therapeutic lifestyle programs
  • Individualized screening
  • Testing and outcome tracking
  • Quality management with a focus on measurable results

Fitness Center Manager Kathy Keane says, "We're pleased to receive this designation. Leading a healthy and active lifestyle is the No. 1 decision individuals can implement for disease prevention and health maintenance. We have the experience and knowledge to work with members individually, regardless of their fitness level or medical challenges, to improve their health."

Medical fitness facilities differ from traditional health and fitness centers in that they typically offer more highly qualified and credentialed staff such as physicians, dietitians, rehab specialists, nurses, physical therapists and advanced exercise physiologists. Additionally, medical fitness includes more than just exercise programming; its goal is the prevention and treatment of disease using a variety of strategies including nutrition, mental health, social interaction, safety and the spiritual aspects of health, through programming for all ages and stages of life.

Mercy Fitness Center is located at the Mercy Health Plaza, 5264 Council Street NE, Suite 600.