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Published on June 02, 2011

Mercy Remains Committed to Fully Comprehensive Cancer Care

Mercy is pleased to be moving forward with the vision to provide world-class, patient-centered cancer care, in one location, here at home.  Construction of the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center, announced in August 2010, is well underway and Mercy looks forward to day the doors to the new center open in spring of 2012, marking the arrival of the first and only fully-comprehensive cancer center in the Cedar Rapids area.

Mercy’s $24.6 million investment in the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center is the foundation for providing the most advanced cancer care today and for the next quarter of a century. That investment is an extension and acknowledgment of Mercy’s overriding responsibility to the community to maintain a strong and viable institution by building on existing strengths and investing in the future.

Concerns expressed regarding the vision for the center have been primarily focused on its location next to the existing Hall Radiation Center. However, utilizing existing resources will save millions of dollars, ensure immediate and convenient access to the area’s only radiation center and prevent fragmentation of cancer services. Sixty-percent of all cancer patients require radiation, resulting in more than 15,000 patient visits to the Hall Radiation Center each year.

“The Hall-Perrine Cancer Center vision ensures a patient-centered, world-class cancer care experience at significantly less cost,” says Tim Charles, Mercy president and CEO.

“When we announced our cancer center last summer we were pleased to embark on the next chapter of our legacy in cancer care.  We look forward to providing the community with the only fully-comprehensive cancer center, close to home.”   

The center will be home to many of the area’s finest cancer specialists – including physicians from Oncology Associates and Radiation Oncology of Cedar Rapids.  Care will also be coordinated with other physicians including, but not limited to, gastroenterologists, pathologists, pulmonologists, radiologists and oncology surgeons.

Other cancer-related healthcare services include oncology-certified nurses, nurse navigators, dietitians and social workers.

"By building on to existing facilities and enhancing cancer care services already in place, Mercy can focus on what matters most to patients as they focus on overcoming their diagnosis," says Mary Quass, member of Mercy's Board of Trustees and a breast cancer survivor. "In a time of great uncertainty in healthcare delivery, the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center remains true to its mission to provide compassionate, integrated cancer care that remains focused on the patient."   

The effort to collaborate within the community started over three years ago and was led by Mercy as part of the natural progression of its cancer services.  Mercy will continue to work with PCI physicians and all area healthcare providers to deliver high-quality patient care.

“We support all efforts to improve cancer care in this community,” says Dr. Martin Wiesenfeld, Oncologist and Medical Director of Mercy’s Hall-Perrine Cancer Center.

“We have been dedicated to cancer care that includes all components—radiation, surgery and medical oncology—for decades.  We will continue to be active in conducting research as we have for 25 years and we look forward to continuing our years of planning that will culminate in the opening of the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center next year.”

Mercy’s Hall-Perrine Cancer Center is independent of PCI’s Medical Pavilion and their recently-announced plans to operate a cancer program with St. Luke’s.

With the opening of a world-class, patient-centered cancer center less than one year from now, Mercy looks forward to continuing its legacy of providing the very best cancer care to our community at the only cancer center providing fully comprehensive services in Cedar Rapids.