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Published on February 20, 2009

Mercy offers area's only intensive outpatient treatment program for adolescents

CEDAR RAPIDS - Mercy Medical Center's Sedlacek Treatment Center, 5975 Rockwell Dr. NE, this month begins offering the community's only aftercare program for adolescents who have completed a substance abuse treatment program.  The adolescent aftercare group is designed to meet the needs of teens, ages 13-19, whose continued care needs are different than those of adults seeking to remain sober through self-help programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous. 

"Sedlacek has always provided free aftercare groups to our patients and those who've completed other treatment programs.  Research has shown that attendance at these types of groups is linked to increased sobriety rates," says Shawn Stepp, director of Sedlacek Treatment Center.  "But as we look for ways to improve our services, we noticed that attendance by our younger patients at the adult-focused groups was low.  We saw a definite need for a free aftercare program specifically designed to meet the needs of teenagers."

The free aftercare program is available to teens that have successfully graduated from any substance abuse treatment program.  Stepp says the participants will be encouraged to help shape the agenda and suggest activities and topics for discussion.  The group meets once a week on Tuesday afternoons. 

Those interested in the group should call to schedule an initial meeting.  For more information, contact Sedlacek Treatment Center at (319) 398-6226, or visit