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Mercy Touch Magazine Spring 2015 cover

Spring 2015

The Mercy Touch magazine features insightful and practical medical information, warm human interest stories, medical triumphs, medical breakthroughs and new technologies at Mercy Medical Center. Sign up to get it in the mail.

Serving Up Special Care article

Serving Up Special Care

With a little help from the Silver Spoons, mealtime for Mercy’s Hallmar residents has become a special time to enjoy their food and a dash of good conversation. Read more.

Fighting Cancer with SBRT article

Fighting Cancer with SBRT

Jim Rollins is no stranger to cancer. In 2011, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He went through chemotherapy, 31 rounds of radiation and surgery. Read more.

Saving Time, Saving Lives article

Saving Time, Saving Lives

The first symptoms didn’t fit the stereotypical heart attack. Instead, Bill Elkington’s first sign that he was having a heart attack began in his arms. Read more.

Winning the Race of His Life article

Winning the Race of His Life

Don Kearney has an impressive athletic resume. From all appearances, he’s the picture of health. But, in 2014, his family history caught up with him. Read more.

Specialized Pediatric Care article

Specialized Pediatric Care

Dawn and Everett Sanchez were concerned when they noticed their three-year-old daughter, Isabella, had blood in her stool. They called their family doctor. Read more.

Celebrating Life Cancer-Free article

Celebrating Life Cancer-Free

Kevin Boge, 32, attributed his sporadic stomach pain to his cheeseburger-and-fries lifestyle. The pain wasn’t always in the same place and fluctuated in intensity.  Read more.

A Long and Winding Road article

A Long and Winding Road

Secret. Shame. Guilt. Lisa Maxwell had her first drink at 13 and began a roller-coaster relationship with prescription pain medications at 16. Read more.

Peaceful Endings Take Planning article

Peaceful Endings Take Planning

There’s no time like the present to plan for the future, especially when it comes to healthcare. Just ask Sheila Cronbaugh. Read more.

A Husky Dose of The Mercy Touch article

A Husky Dose of The Mercy Touch

Everywhere that Heather Woodhouse goes, Sabrina is sure to go, too. Trained to detect blood sugar levels, the therapy dog is her constant companion. Read more.