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Winter 2012

Mercy Touch Magazine, Winter 2012I am a Survivor: Courage - Optimism - Strength

Scott Hauser, 51, is a positive-thinking, funny guy. Not even cancer can drag him down.

Blazing the Trail

Nancy Morris, PA, recently celebrated 35 years of practice and was a local pioneer as the first certified physician assistant in the Cedar Rapids area.

Kid-Tested, Hospital Approved

The results are in: Taste tests reveal that foods “fried” in the brand new Combi ovens in the Mercy Café are just as flavorful and crispy as those prepared in deep fat fryers. They’re just missing one thing – high levels of fat!

Mercy Employee Health Center

You just can’t do your best work when you are sick or stressed. Trying to fit in a doctor’s visit for yourself or your children just adds to your worries. You either have to miss work, find a way to squeeze in an appointment or, in some cases, just don’t make the time to receive the healthcare services you need.

Unexpected Session in NICU

When the deadline for the Iowa Legislative Session ended June 30, 2011, State Representative Tyler Olson and his wife, Sarah, knew the deadline for
the birth of their second child was quickly approaching. Six days later, Willa Laurel Olson was born at Mercy’s Birthplace.

Twins x2

The Mercy Birthplace had a double dose of excitement when two sets of twins were born September 18.

Iowa's First MBI

Mammography is the gold standard for breast cancer screening, but now women who need additional imaging have access to an exciting new technology – Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI).

Ride 'Em Cowboy

Rylan Upton’s face radiates with pure joy as he rides his trusty steed, Scooter, around the ring. For Rylan, horseback riding is an adventure and an activity he looks forward to. But it is so much more than that.

Right Place, Wrong Time

Sometimes a mistake can turn out to be a blessing. In the case of Donna Young, inadvertently coming to Mercy Women’s Center for a massage on the wrong day could have saved her life.

Especially for You Fund a Lifesaver

Vickie Meisinger felt like she had the world by the tail. But that all changed in 2008 when she experienced some health issues and lost her job of 12 years in the insurance business.

From the Ground Up

Crystal Tjeerdsma’s sons were playing in the children’s area at Lindale Mall when she saw a brochure for Mercy’s Heart2Heart screening program.  Because heart disease, stroke and high cholesterol run rampant in her family, Crystal was intrigued. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

A Closer Look at EAP

Dr. Jim Huber is a research scientist who has participated in archeological digs all over the country. But when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2010, he just couldn’t dig deep enough within himself to cope. In two-and-a-half months, Jim lost 43 pounds. He couldn’t eat. He couldn’t sleep. He needed help. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

(Pal)liative Care

Taryn Ann O’Toole-Mohr is often called “feisty” – and she doesn’t want anyone to feel sorry for her.

Leading by Example

Dallas Oler is 77 years old, with a firm handshake, ready smile and fitness that all belie the fact that he has Type 1 diabetes.

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