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Mercy Touch Magazine Winter 2016 cover Winter 2016

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Survivorship: Life After Winning the Cancer War

After the last treatment ends, a final lab is drawn and the oncologist clears the warrior for routine care, what happens when their cancer war is won? Read more on page 2.

Scott Anderson

Beating Cancer with a Boom

A bothersome toothache sent Scott Anderson to his dentist. Whatever the pain was, the dentist determined it wasn’t coming from his teeth. A lump appeared in Scott’s throat just days later. Read more on page 4.

Generosity Heals at Mercy

Generosity Heals

The Mercy Foundation supports areas of care throughout Mercy, including the Hall-Perrine Cancer Center, with different cancer-focused funds to support patient needs, research and more. Read more on page 7.

Every Cancer is Unique

Every Cancer is Unique

The area's first and trusted radiation center since 1956, Hall Radiation Center's experienced staff fight a patient's specific cancer using one of four advanced treatment technologies. Read more on page 8.

Cancer weapons

One Technology Can't Treat Them All

Meet Hall-Perrine Cancer Center's weapons for fighting the cancer war: Tomotherapy, Trilogy, TrueBeam and high-dose rate brachytherapy. Read more on page 9.

Marking the End article

Marking the End

When 35-year-old Krista Barnell discovered a lump in her breast during a self-exam, she initially wrote it off. The healthy mother of two never imagined it was cancer.. Read more on page 14.

A Purposeful Life

A Purposeful Life

Jeanette Ernst has made it through half a dozen procedures and close brushes with death. But, it’s her 1992 battle with colon cancer that still haunts her today. Read more on page 17.