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Athletic Republic Programs

Acceleration Training

Athletes improve linear or sprinting speed, explosive power for a quicker first step or vertical elevation and active recovery to sustain performance at game speed. This is a 6- to 10-week program that includes 15 to 25 training sessions.

Cord Conditioning

Incorporating strategically-applied resistance cords, this program improves an athlete's velocity and power for running, throwing, kicking, shooting, hitting, spiking, swinging and serving.

Team Conditioning

Trainers work off-site with teams for early season conditioning that matches proprietary plyometric and dynamic stability drills, speed work and cord conditioning with the demands of a specific sport. This program incorporates performance improvement through pre- and post-conditioning evaluations.

ACL Bridge

Created for athletes with an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury who intend to return to their sport. This program picks up where traditional physical therapy leaves off.