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See what your peers have to say about Mercy's Athletic Republic program.

Xavier volleyball was a season to remember

When the Xavier volleyball started its new season, the state tournament already was on junior Charlotte Richards’ mind.

Richards, an outside hitter for the Saints, was preparing for this season before the first match. Read more.

I Love Coming Here!

"Definitely will be doing this again! I had a ton of fun. The trainers were fantastic and the people I trained with were great. It’s a great environment and I love coming here! I improved IMMENSELY! It's a great workout and challenged me a lot. I love challenges so this was perfect for me. Everybody is so friendly and it's just a great encouraging environment." -Shelby

Become a Better Athlete

"I really enjoyed the staff and the environment that I trained in every day. I would recommend this program to anyone who is willing to push themselves to become a better athlete in any sport that they play." -Anonymous

I Feel Stronger, Faster & More Confident

"Both Kyle and Matt were easy to get along with and pushed me to my full potential. Athletic Republic was a great tool to help me get back into my athletic mode after I tore my ACL. After completing the program, I feel stronger, faster and much more confident in my abilities." -Ashley

Pushed Us to Improve

"You guys were awesome. I enjoyed coming here every week. You guys were very friendly. Athletic Republic was a great program; it pushed us to improve. I would recommend it to anyone I know." -Jeremy

Be Faster or Stronger

"It works. Helps if you want to be faster or stronger. The biggest thing I noticed was my recovery time was greatly reduced." -Sam

Boosted My Confidence

"This program is excellent. It is convenient during school breaks. I could change appointments when necessary. It not only helped my athletic skills, it boosted my confidence." -Danica

Get Faster

"I like it. It taught me how to run. It helped me get faster and improved my running form. It also improved my strength." -Aaron

Faster & Stronger

"I was able to improve on almost all of the tests. I would highly recommend Athletic Republic to anyone. It was very efficient and I became faster and stronger in a short period of time." -Colin

Makes You a Better Athlete

"Kyle and Matt were always very flexible and would work around my schedule so I could get a workout in when I needed to. I believe I am a much faster runner now thanks to Athletic Republic so I'd like to say thank you! I would and will recommend Athletic Republic to my friends, teammates and family because I believe it makes you a better athlete." -Brooke

Hard Work Pays Off

"Good program for keeping me going and pushing me to better myself. The staff is great. Very encouraging! All my stats increased which is great to see your hard work pay off." -Anonymous

A Giant Step Ahead

"I would recommend Athletic Republic because it pushes you and makes you work. Also it puts you a giant step ahead of everyone else and greatly increases your athletic ability." -Tim

Recover From an Injury

"Really nice staff. Good way to get in shape or if recovering from an injury." -AJ

Step Up Their Game

"This program helped prepare me for pre-season college volleyball. I recommend it for athletes who want to step up their game." -Chelsea

Specific to the Athlete

"I really like how each workout is specific to the athlete depending on ability and purpose (sports) - soccer plyos. I love this program and will be back! Thank you!" -Josie

Enhance Athletic Ability

"Workouts are challenging. I have noticed a huge change in my son's athletic ability over a 6-month period. I would encourage & recommend Athletic Republic to any child or parent looking to enhance his or her athletic ability." -Anonymous