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What to Expect

At Athletic Republic, we believe the foundation of success comes through our Test - Teach - Train approach to an athletes' development.

Prior to starting a new training program, we test athletes to establish a performance baseline and to create individualized programs to improve skills and achieve goals. At the conclusion of the program, we test athletes again to measure their performance improvement and track their progression.

We teach proper technique for improved efficiency, injury prevention and skill optimization. We train with the most scientifically proven programs available, utilizing our patented technology, individualized training protocols and video analysis software to give each and every athlete the ultimate experience in sports training.


To create an individualized training program trainers assess each athlete in the following areas:

  • Pro Agility (Brower Timing System)
  • 10 yard, 20 yard and 40 yard dashes (Brower Timing System)
  • Vertical Jump (Vertec and Jump Mat)
  • Standing Long Jump
  • Single-Leg Triple Jump
  • Movement Skills
  • Strength and Power
  • Conditioning Efficiency

Also learn more about what to expect by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page.