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Behavioral Health Unit

Where Hope Begins

Making connections for people in need of mental health or substance abuse services.

The Behavioral Health Unit at Mercy Medical Center is a 20-bed secured unit that serves patients 18 years and older with a mental health and/or chemical dependency diagnosis. The focus of the Behavioral Health Unit is crisis stabilization.


The purpose of the crisis stabilization program is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for patients and their families in mental health and/or chemical dependency crisis in order to promote a short-term resolution to the patient's crisis state, and assist the patient in gaining skills and insight to prevent future crisis.


Our vision is to be a place where hope begins for patients in mental health and/or chemical dependency crisis. We do this through:

  1. Recovery-Based Care - provides hope, empowerment, choices and opportunities to help people to reach their full potential.
  2. Trauma-Informed Care - is based upon a basic understanding of how trauma affects the life of an individual seeking services.
  3. Developing resiliency (your ability to quickly recover from change or misfortune - an ability to "bounce back")by
    1. Helping patients recognize the strengths they do have and building upon them
    2. Identifying supports that are available to them
    3. Empowering patients to make healthier lifestyle choices

​More Information

You can reach Mercy's Behavioral Health Unit at (319) 398-6553 or by contacting the Access Nurse at (319) 398-6476.

Are you looking for access to community resources for help? Call 211.

For mental health crisis management 24 hours/day, seven days/week, call our Access Line at 319-398-6476 or call the Community Crisis Line at Foundation 2 at (319) 362-2174 or (800) 332-4224.

Contact Information

Phone Numbers:

Access Nurse:
(319) 398-6476

Behavioral Health Unit:
(319) 398-6553

Always Open