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Crisis Stabilization Program


Daystarter Group - During this time, clients will be guided through the process of developing a goal for the day and giving themselves at least one positive affirmation. This group will be co-facilitated by Recreational Therapy and Nursing Staff. The interdisciplinary team members introduce themselves at this meeting and describe what their role is in the client's treatment.

Discharge Planning - Right after admission, the Social Worker and Case Manager will begin working with the patient to identify the appropriate supports available to them and assist in creating a realistic support network given the resources available. They, along with other team members, will also work with the patient on developing an appropriate discharge safety plan and arrange for follow up services post discharge.

Insight Group - A solution-focused group therapy session aimed at assisting each member to gain insight regarding the stressors and/or factors that contributed to their crisis state. This group also explores positive coping skills that could empower patients in future crisis states.  This group is led by Mercy Social Workers or other Behavioral Health staff.

Movement Group - Exercise is an essential part of stress management and the development of a healthy lifestyle. Multiple approaches such as Tai Chi, Bicycles, Range of Motion Dance, etc. are used to incorporate movement into the crisis stabilization program. This group is led by our  Recreational Therapist or other Behavioral Health staff.

Coping Skills Group - This group works on expanding the patient's understanding of how to respond to various feelings and stressors.  Practical solutions such as what to do when they are feeling anxious, depressed, empty, confused, lonely, etc. will be the focus of the group.  Behavioral Health staff will provide the group leadership.

Recreation Group - An afternoon group designed for exposure to low-cost leisure activities. This group fosters productivity through craft projects and positive socialization in game activities. Recreational Therapy will lead this group.

You can reach Mercy's Behavioral Health Unit at (319) 398-6553 or by contacting the Access Nurse at (319) 398-6476.

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