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Breastfeeding Support

Feeding Your Baby

Not every mom chooses to or can breastfeed. Whatever your choice, your Birthplace nurse will support you and help you learn how and when to feed your newborn.

Breastfeeding is a natural, healthy and cost-effective option for feeding your baby. Studies have shown a variety of health benefits for both mother and baby, in addition to the special bonding time you can enjoy when nursing your baby.

Benefits for Babies

  • Develops bonding and trust.
  • Reduces occurrence of allergies.
  • Fewer diaper rashes.
  • Protects against illness & ear infections.
  • Digested easily.
  • Enhances oral and motor development.
  • Reduces risk of constipation, high blood pressure, obesity and tooth decay.
  • Decreases risk of SIDS.

Benefits for Mothers

  • Saves time (no bottle cleaning or formula preparation).
  • Speeds up postpartum weight loss.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Enhances bonding between mother and baby.
  • Reduces risk of ovarian, uterine and breast cancer.
  • Helps uterus return to pre-pregnancy condition.
  • Enhances baby’s health & leads to lower healthcare costs.

Donor Breast Milk

Donor breast milk is available to any hospitalized newborn who needs to be supplemented. A baby might need supplemental milk if he or she is losing weight or not breastfeeding, or if the mother’s milk supply is inadequate for the baby’s needs. Learn more about the Donor Milk Program at Mercy.

Learn more about breastfeeding in these recorded webinars featuring Mercy lactation consultants.

Ask your Birthplace nurse about the variety of breastfeeding support services available during your pregnancy, hospital stay, and when you return home.

For more information on breastfeeding, please call (319) 398-6561.

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