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Critical Care Patient/Family Information

We care.

It is difficult to have someone in the Critical Care Unit. In addition to providing highly advanced technical care, we are committed to meeting the needs of your family. You are an integral member of the healthcare team. We are here to answer your questions, hear your thoughts, and alleviate your concerns.


Visiting in the Critical Care Unit is flexible and individualized to meet the needs of the patient. The CCU staff may restrict visitors as the patient's condition warrants.

Family Spokesperson

It is essential to identify a "spokesperson" for your family so the staff can give information and condition reports to one person consistently. We request the family spokesperson be the only one calling the unit for updates. Then the spokesperson can give information to the family and friends.

Children Visiting

The ICC is often not a good environment for children. All visitors and attendants (children and adults) must be free of infectious illness and
follow all infection control policies including, but not limited to washing hands or using foam hand gel when entering and exiting the patient’s
room and after patient contact.

Cell Phones

Cell phone use should be minimal. Place ringer on silent or vibrate mode and use no closer than six feet from equipment or monitors.


Flowers are not allowed at the bedside due to infection control reasons.

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