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Stay Up-To-Date

Keep yourself educated on the latest diabetes information, whether you are recently diagnosed or have lived with diabetes for many years. The more you know about your condition, the more effectively you can control this complex disease.

Trust the Experts

Take advantage of both individual and group instruction from our certified team of medical providers and dietitians who help you better understand and control your diabetes.

Take a Class

Find out how you can benefit from these educational opportunities by calling us at 319-398-6711.

Pre-Diabetes Program

Take important steps toward improving your health and preventing diabetes with our pre-diabetes class. We’ll help you learn to make healthy changes to reduce your risk of developing diabetes. Register here.

Living Well with Diabetes

If you are newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or have never received diabetes education, choose this program for an assessment to determine your unique needs and get a one-on-one appointment with a dietician, as well as four 2-hour diabetes self-management training classes.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Learn how nutrition impacts your diabetes with a registered dietician who will help you improve your carb-counting skills and develop a meal plan.

Medication Instruction and Education

Receive individual instruction to learn how your oral medications, insulin or other non-insulin injectable medications work, possible side effects, and how dosage adjustments may improve your life.

Insulin Pumps

Meet with a diabetes educator to determine whether you might benefit from an insulin pump. If you decide to use an insulin pump, our team will teach you how it works and make sure to establish the appropriate dose.

Diabetes and Pregnancy

Prepare for pregnancy with preconception education. Then, during pregnancy, get additional support, education and medication management assistance. Partner with your OB-GYN and our experts for ongoing care through your baby's delivery.

Pediatric Diabetes

Collaborate with our team of specialists to receive specialized diabetes treatment, support and guidance for your child.

Group Visits

Share your experiences and learn from others at gatherings for teens and adults who live with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

Annual Review

You’ll meet with an educator once a year to reflect on your progress and refocus on healthy eating, physical activity and steps to reach your health goals.

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