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Top 10 Ways Mercy Digestive Health Center Cares for You


We try to pre-register all outpatients in order to shorten waiting time and ease registration. You may pre-register if you have been a Mercy Medical Center patient for any reason within the past 90 days, and if the information we have is complete. If it's been more than 90 days but your information is complete, you will be contacted by Registration.

The day before your scheduled exam, the Digestive Health staff makes every effort to contact outpatients. At this time, we will tell you if you need to stop at the Registration Desk, and we will give you directions.

Digestive Health Center Waiting Room

When you arrive, you will be greeted by a nurse or volunteer. Family members may stay in the waiting room while you change into a hospital gown. Your assessment will be done and your IV will be started. This takes 20 to 30 minutes.

Privacy and Sensitivity to Your Needs

We want your visit to be as pleasant as possible, and we ensure your privacy. The door to your room, as well as to the procedure room, will be closed and curtains will be drawn. All rooms are private, with their own bathrooms.

Our Concerns for Your Comfort

Our staff members work as a team to provide the tests and treatment you need. We understand that these can be inconvenient and not always pleasant. With nearly any procedure, some pain is expected and we will do our best to minimize it. We are compassionate and committed to pain prevention and management. We will listen closely to you so we can work together to keep you as comfortable as possible. We provide warm blankets, and warm drinks when allowed. Family members are welcome to wait with you after your assessment is completed.

Tests, Treatment and Waiting Time

You can expect excellent care at the Mercy Digestive Health Center. We have highly-skilled and experienced nurses, as well as a specialized IV team. We do our best to respond quickly to your needs and to make sure you understand what is being done and why. We will gladly answer any questions.

You may be asked to arrive earlier than the time given to you by your doctor's office, because sometimes our physicians are ahead of their scheduled appointment times. You could have your procedure done ahead of your originally scheduled time.

Also, your physician could encounter a difficult situation or an emergency, which could put your doctor behind schedule. We will do our best to keep you informed.

Personal Issues

Please let us know of any personal issues of which we should be aware. We will assist you with any emotional or spiritual needs while you are here, and would be happy to arrange a visit by a professional from Pastoral Care or Patient and Family Counseling, if you desire.

Family & Visitors

Family members and visitors are an important part of your care and treatment. When your initial assessment is complete and your IV started, your family members and/or visitors may sit with you until your exam. When your exam has been completed, your physician will speak with your family members and/or visitors (with your permission). We will ask that your family members and/or visitors remain in the Digestive Health Center until they have spoken with your physician. They then may stay with you for the remainder of your visit.

Discharge Instructions

When you are awake, alert and meet criteria for discharge, and after the doctor has spoken with your family members and/or visitors, we will help you prepare to go home. We do our best to make your discharge easy; we will answer your questions and make sure you understand instructions. If you have received IV sedation, you must have a responsible adult drive you home and have someone with you for 24 hours. You will receive written instructions and phone numbers to contact us or your physician if you have questions after you get home.

Contact Us

Our Digestive Health Center is open Monday through Friday, but our nurses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our phone number is (319) 398-6484. We are happy to speak to you at any time.

You are Part of the Team

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Let's all work together to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Thank you for choosing Mercy Medical Center 's Digestive Health Center for your healthcare.

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