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Inpatient Nutrition Services

Meals Prepared Fresh and Made-to-Order

Mercy Medical Center offers room service to our patients 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Similar to room service at a hotel, this allows patients to order meals from a restaurant-style menu.

Meals are prepared fresh daily, ensuring the best quality. Menus are developed to meet the special dietary needs of our patients.

Check out Mercy’s General Room Service Menu (PDF)

Inpatient Dietitian Services

Registered and Licensed Dietitians provide nutrition care for our hospitalized patients. Nutrition care includes a wide variety of services, including assessment of macronutrient needs, dietary education, and tube feeding and total parenteral nutrition (TPN) recommendations. The dietitian’s goal is to optimize each patient’s nutrition status and dietary knowledge during their hospital stay.

Meet Mercy’s Dietitian Team: Coming soon!