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Mercy Weight Loss

The Mercy Weight Loss Program is a realistic, no-nonsense approach to weight loss and improved health. This 12-week program utilizes science-based strategies and is facilitated by Mercy’s Registered Dietitians.

Program Goals:

  • Promote healthy eating with realistic solutions
  • Increase energy with daily physical activity
  • Identify behaviors that keep you from achieving your goals
Mary Tredway

Traveling Light

Mary Tredway used to dread going to the doctor, especially when it came to being weighed. She was embarrassed about her weight, but the ultimate humiliation occurred when she stepped on the doctor’s scale and realized it didn’t even go high enough to weigh her anymore. Read Mary's story.

Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

Identifying and learning new behaviors is a first step to a healthy lifestyle. Gradual changes over time can help your life become more fulfilling as you develop new habits with a positive attitude, increased physical activity, and improved nutrition. These small changes over time lead to big benefits:

Weight loss Decreased risk of chronic disease
Increased energy Tools for stress management
Improved self-confidence Improved relationship with food

Basic Program

  • 12-weekly interactive group sessions led by registered dietitians and an exercise specialist
  • Hy-Vee Tour
  • Weight Management Support Group
  • Email access to registered dietitian

Learn new behaviors through: 

Goal Setting - Achievable, realistic, and timely to ensure your success.

Behavior Modification - Identify habits that keep you from meeting your goals.

Good Nutrition - To prevent, control, or minimize risks of chronic disease such as hypertension, cancers, heart disease, and diabetes. 

Physical Activity - Current and practical information to help improve health and muscle tone.

Other topics discussed include:  

  • Weight and Health Goals 
  • Behavior Triggers
  • Meal Planning
  • Portion Control
  • Nutrient Dense Foods
  • Eating Out
  • Physical Activity
  • Much more!

Patient Testimonials

"This class has changed our lives. It has changed what we eat/cook in our whole house – we’ve all lost weight!"

"I now have the tools I need to be successful with food choices and lifestyle changes."

"I lost enough weight to gain back confidence in myself and to try a lot of other things, but I think the support and how I was taught was what the big benefit."

"I’ve learned so much and needed the reviews. The class has been so kind and we have learned much from each other.  Terri is a great enthusiastic instructor and I would and will suggest it to others!"

"Very excellent class.  Glad I took it.  Would definitely recommend for anyone struggling with weight loss."

"With this program I lost some weight and knocked 5 points off my blood sugar number."

"I keep meaning to let you know that I am loving this class. It has came along at the perfect time for me. I am very highly motivated to lose all this extra fat I have been carrying around. I am loving all of the information you are giving us. Thanks so much!"

"This has been a very positive in my life. Especially because of the positive attitude of the teacher and others."

"I have learned that I can do this and still participate in life."


Terri Clark, Registered & Licensed Dietitian

Terri Clark, Mercy DietitianEver since I was young, I have had an interest in food. An elementary school project collecting pictures of what I liked had food pasted all over it. I cooked family meals as a teenager and frequented "Health Food" stores. This interest led me to the Food and Nutrition program at Georgia State University for a BS in  Nutrition and Dietetics. I completed my studies with an internship at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics. 

I’ve been practicing Nutrition and Dietetics since 1993. My passion is to encourage the discovery of ways to be healthier – nutritionally, physically and mentally – in all aspects of our lives. Mercy Weight Loss was started because we felt there was a need in the community. Mercy  Medical Center has given me the resources and time to start this program. I like to emphasize that it's not a diet program, but rather a healthier way of living.

Kerry Doyle-Gundlach, Registered & Licensed Dietitian

Kerry Doyle-Gundlach, Mercy DietitianFor the first 10 years of my career, I was a museum and environmental educator. I received my bachelor’s degree in Natural Resources from a small town in Northern California, nestled between the redwoods and the ocean. There wasn’t much to do for night life, so my friends and I would gather for potlucks. Potlucks in this northern California town revolved around whole and local foods — dark leafy green vegetables, quinoa, locally raised meat and lots of garlic! I fell in love with whole food and the conversations surrounding it.

In 2008, I received my master’s in Human Nutrition from Colorado State University and completed my dietetic internship at the University of Michigan. My goal is help people feel the benefits and joy of healthful eating.

Upcoming Classes:

Please contact Terri at (319) 221-8610 or via email at for additional information or to register.

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