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Hallmar Services

Every Hallmar resident has access to a caring and professional staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Comprised of more than 50 highly-motivated and upbeat individuals, the Hallmar staff is committed to providing our residents with compassionate and loving care. Our staff has decades of experience and we pride ourselves on the longevity and experience of our staff. Hallmar's ultimate goal is to provide our residents with not only superior care, but to form long-lasting and trusting relationships.

Operating as an extension of Mercy Medical Center, our residents find comort in the sense of security that accompanies having excellent medical care available with ease. 

Medical services available to Hallmar residents include:  

  • Direct, expedited admission to Mercy Medical Center
  • On-site emergency services (MET Team)
  • On-site lab draws
  • On-site treatment center and dialysis just steps away
  • On-site radiology
  • In-room physical, occupational or speech therapy                        

In an effort to provide all residents the best possible experience at Hallmar, an interdisciplinary care conference will be held between the resident and professional staff within the first three weeks of their stay. Those in attendance will include the facility's nurse manager, nurse clinician, social worker, dietician, pharmacist, restorative aide and activities coordinator who will explain the services Hallmar offers including:

  • Dental Services. A dental assessment of each resident shall be completed annually by a RN.
  • Nursing Services. All nursing care at Hallmar is provided under the direction and supervision of the nurse manager. Licensed professional nurses are also available to residents 24 hours a day.
  • Pharmaceutical Services. Prescriptions for Hallmar residents are purchased from an outside pharmacy. Residents are billed directly for their medications. A medication review is conducted each month by Hallmar's consultant pharmacist to ensure each resident is receiving the best medication therapy possible.  
  • Dietary Services. Resident meals are prepared by Mercy's Food & Nutritional Services. Mercy's reputation for fine food is well-established and our residents, unlike many at other facilities, have the luxury of choosing their daily meals from specialized menus. Families are also encouraged to take the resident out for meals. On special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries, residents may have a meal guest at the facility for a minimal fee. Please note: arrangements for the guest's meal must be made in advance.
  • Spiritual Services. Mercy Medical Center has both Catholic and non-Catholic Pastoral Care services available to Hallmar residents. All residents are welcomed to attend weekly mass at Mercy's chapel.
  • Clothing & Laundry Services. Sheets and towels are provided to all Hallmar residents. Fine silks, lingerie, blankets, bedspreads, etc. are expected to be laundered by the family. However, personal laundry may be washed by staff at the facility.