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Mercy Home Care

  • Home Care nurse with a patient
  • Home Care nurse with a telemonitoring patient
  • Home Care nurse with a telemonitoring patient
  • Home Care nurse caring for a wound

Mercy Home Care offers a variety of home services for patients and families who need help to reach their greatest physical and emotional potential, while striving for the optimal independence.

We bring personal, caring service into the homes of our patients. We work with them to provide care tailored to each patient's needs. Our staff is committed to giving the most comprehensive, compassionate home care possible.

What Mercy Home Care Offers

Mercy Home Care is a resource to ease patients' and families' worries and fears about how to manage home-based care. We listen to our patients. We are available to provide home care in any environment the patient calls home.


Home Care Quality DataSource: Medicare Home Health Agency Comparison, July-December 2013,

About Us

The transition from hospital to home can be difficult. Our Mercy Home Care professionals assess each patient's medical condition and determine a care plan. They monitor patients, educate patients and families about disease and medications, and teach caregivers how to care for the patient at home.

The quality of our nurses' professional skills and knowledge reflects the caliber of care you can expect from Mercy: the best. Our nurses have advanced training; their experience comes from work in acute hospital settings. Our patients can count on us, whether they need wound care, help with tube feeding or a higher level of treatment. We provide services to our patients living within a 50-mile radius, seven days a week. A nurse always is on call and available for weekend and holiday visits. Our goal is to help our patients become as independent as possible, or to train a caregiver to the level of care needed.

We provide short-term and long-term home care. Short-term care can help someone just home from the hospital who is recovering from an operation or needing wound care, for example. Our physical therapists direct the patients' exercise programs. Our occupational therapists teach patients and caregivers how to manage daily activities like eating, dressing and bathing. Long-term care can help someone who is homebound, who has a long-term illness or condition needing skilled nursing care, or whose health-care status changes frequently. The number and frequency of home-care visits is tailored to the individual's lifestyle and need.

Each patient's situation determines which team of Home Care providers visits. Home-health aides help with bathing and personal care. Medical social workers help family members cope with difficult dynamics or complex health issues. Our dietitian can help with nutrition education if there are concerns about the patient's weight or diet.


  • Communicates with the patient's physician about progress
  • Assists in the transition from the hospital to the patient's home
  • Helps frail, ill or disabled persons be self-sufficient, reducing the need for relocation to a hospital or other institution
  • Provides rehabilitation services to restore and maintain movement and strength
  • Helps every patient live with as much dignity and independence as his or her condition allows
  • Helps patients develop living skills that foster independence and a positive attitude and self-concept.


Mercy Home Care Services offers home safety tips that help patients maintain independence. Our therapists and nurses do home-safety assessments and advise the patient and family on making the home safe and more manageable. Learning how to prevent falls is essential.


Our staff is a diversified team of professionals, including:

  • Registered nurses
  • Certified home-health aides
  • Medical social workers
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Speech therapists
  • Dietitians

Mercy Home Care Service Area

Mercy Home Care Service Area

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Contact Information

Mercy Home Care
2740 First Avenue NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Phone Number:
(319) 398-6034

After hours, weekends and holidays, a nurse is on call and can be made available to you; call (319) 398-6011.

8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Monday through Friday