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Irving PointIrving

Affordable assisted living for seniors  

Irving Point, Linn County’s first affordable assisted-living facility, opened in September 2008. It is a collaborative effort of Mercy Home Care, Burns Housing and Horizons. Until it opened, there were few options for seniors needing this sort of affordable, accessible care.

Irving Point offers 55 apartments at 910 Seventh St. SE, near Mercy Medical Center. Mercy Home Care provides on-site personal care and medical support for residents, with its staff on site 24 hours a day. Their care helps residents maintain self-sufficiency and develop living skills that foster independence. Staff includes nurses, home health aides, activity coordinator and rehabilitation therapists.

Irving Point is an affordable assisted living center promoting choice, dignity, and independence for individuals 65 years and older. Irving Point is 100% handicap accessible and offers 1- and 2-bedroom, full-size apartments. Rent and cost for services depends on income. Assistance in accessing subsidies is available.

Before a tenant moves in, a Mercy Home Care nurse completes a pre-admission assessment that measures physical and cognitive abilities. This helps determine the level of care needed.

One of its great benefits for tenants is the quality of care and supervision from the Mercy Home Care RNs who monitor each tenant’s condition, focusing on patient safety and coordination of care specific to each tenant's needs. 

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