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About Hospice of Mercy

More than 30 years ago, Mercy Medical Center and the Sisters of Mercy founded Hospice of Mercy - only the second hospice program in the state of Iowa. Since that day, Hospice of Mercy has provided compassionate, professional end-of-life care to thousands of families in our community. Call Hospice of Mercy at (319) 398-6496 for more information.

What is hospice?

Hospice care is designed to ensure that each person's final days are lived with joy and meaning, as free from pain and other symptoms as possible. Hospice focuses on physical, emotional and spiritual comfort, promoting the independence and dignity of patients and families while providing expert medical treatment and support.

Who is eligible for hospice?

Hospice care is available to anyone with any kind of life-limiting illness, regardless of age or circumstance. Along with the patient and family, the Hospice of Mercy care-giving team includes the patient's personal physician, hospice nurses, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, home health aides, chaplains, massage and music therapists, dietitians, bereavement counselors, and specially trained volunteers.

A Personal Plan

Hospice of Mercy works with each patient and his or her physician to prepare a personal, comprehensive plan of care, involving as many caregivers as are needed or desired.

"So often in health care, patients aren't able to make their own decisions, but in hospice, the patients and families are able to direct everything, allowing them to live their last days in the manner they choose." - Colleen Mohr, Hospice of Mercy nurse practitioner.

Hospice also arranges for and oversees the use of medical equipment or medications required to ensure the patient's comfort and well-being.

The Goal of Hospice

The goal of hospice is to enable patients to die in serenity in their own homes. Hospice also cares for patients in the hospital or in assisted living or nursing facilities.

Through Hospice of Mercy and the Oldorf Hospice House, Mercy Medical Center strives to fulfill the ongoing mission of the Sisters of Mercy: to ensure that every person - regardless of background or circumstance - will be cared for with kindness and dignity.

Hospice is an affirmation of life ... and a commitment to surround patients and families with care and compassion as they travel their final journey together.


Medicare, Medicaid and most health insurers cover some or all costs of hospice care. Thanks to generous community support, memorials and contributions, no hospice patient is turned away from Hospice of Mercy or the Oldorf Hospice House due to inability to pay.

Patient Stories

Touching stories about a few of our patients and their families:

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After a Loved One Dies

After a loved one dies, Hospice of Mercy continues to support families as they experience grief and loss.

Bereavement services include personal contacts, educational programs, a monthly newsletter, and support groups. Hospice of Mercy staff members stay in touch with families for as long as a year after a loved one's death

Learn more about the Dennis and Donna Oldorf Hospice House of Mercy.