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Workshop Presenters

Mercy’s Integrative Medicine workshops are under the direction of Dr. Suzanne Bartlett, MD, FACOG. Dr. Bartlett, along with a group of premiere area integrative specialists, are excited to offer a variety of workshops centered around integrative medicine and overall well-being. Below is a list of specialists you may meet during a workshop; each has their own unique specialty and will give patients expanded access to these types of therapies.

Suzanne Bartlett, MD, FACOG

Suzanne Bartlett, MD, FACOGThere is a movement in this country and we are a part of it! People are becoming interested in understanding what is going on with their bodies. They are tired of treating symptoms and are seeking answers. People are starting to ask questions about their food supply: where it is coming from, what it is being treated with, and what toxins are lurking in the air, land and water around us.

Dr. Suzanne Bartlett has a passion for empowering people to make lifestyle changes. She loves witnessing her patients take control of not only their health, but also their one great life. With a bag full of tools and knowledge derived from life experience, and from practicing OB-Gyn and integrative medicine, she enjoys inspiring people to eliminate barriers that perpetuate unhealthy patterns.  

Our culture has become very isolated. Dr. Bartlett’s method acknowledges that the healthiest people on earth have a strong sense of community. She also has seen that the energy generated in a group has great potential to spur change. Her relaxed, often humorous manner, resonates well with those who are seeking a comprehensive, integrative approach to wellness.

Through thousands of patient encounters, Dr. Bartlett has heard a common theme, “I wish I could do _______, but I can’t because _______.” Life is too short to have a long list of unfulfilled wishes and dreams. Through her workshop approach, Dr. Bartlett’s mission is to provide the information and support people need to achieve wellness and to realize those dreams.

Read Dr. Bartlett’s full professional biography.

Terri Clark, Registered & Licensed Dietitian

Terri Clark, RD, LDEver since Terri was young, she has had an interest in food. An elementary school project had her include pictures of all of her favorite things; Terri’s highlighted her passion, as it had images of food pasted all over it. She cooked family meals as a teenager and frequented "health food" stores. This interest led her to the Food and Nutrition program at Georgia State University, where she earned a BS in Nutrition and Dietetics. She then went on to complete her studies with an internship at the University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics.

Terri has been practicing Nutrition and Dietetics since 1993. Her passion is education and since 2007, she has provided this service at Mercy Medical Center through nutritional education to outpatients, as well as community education to various companies, schools and support groups. She started the Mercy Weight Loss program in 2010, which is a 12-week program that provides a realistic, no-nonsense approach to weight loss and improved health. This program has continued to grow as physicians and people in the community learn about it.

Most recently, she has been working with Dr. Bartlett and the Anti-Inflammatory programs to continue to educate people on healthy eating. She enjoys attending her daughter and grandson’s sporting events, as well as gardening, cooking, being active and relaxing. 

Cindy Corwin, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist

Cindy CorwinTwenty-five years ago, after a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and disgruntled by the side-effect of some of the prescription medications used to treat it, Cindy Corwin began researching and studying the therapeutic benefits and effects of the use of essential oils for Fibromyalgia. Over the years, she has used a wide variety of oils and continued reading, researching and working with some of the most highly regarded essential oil experts in the world, all to continue fine-tuning her knowledge about the effect these oils can have on the mind and body. To say the discoveries have been immense, would be an understatement … the discoveries have been life-changing.

Cindy's experience, continued researched and investigation have led to knowledge on how and why essential oils can be effective and beneficial for people dealing with a variety of conditions and illnesses, including insomnia, stress, cancer, lupus as well as many others. In addition, essential oils can be key in promoting and sustaining a healthy, vibrant immune system and the benefits of that in itself, are amazing. One of Cindy's goals has always been to share her knowledge with others in an effort to help them learn more about the benefits and differences between oils, the effect 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils can have on them (and their pets) and how the use of essential oils can promote a healthy mind, body and spirit.  

Cindy is certified in Aromatherapy 1 and 2, has completed her Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy (CCA), is a member of NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy), and has also studied extensively with Dr. Melissa Shelton, DVM, earning a Certification in Animal Aromatherapy. In 2015, she will begin intensive training in the power of Healing Touch for individuals and animals and she will be launching her private practice.

Thrilled with the opportunity to be partnering with Dr. Suzanne Bartlett in Mercy’s Integrative Medicine Center, Cindy is looking forward to helping individuals discover how essential oils can improve their overall health and wellness, as well as offer effective and affordable treatment options when dealing with a variety of illnesses and medical conditions.

Luke Hansen, Psy.D.

Luke Hanson, PsyDLuke Hansen is originally from Waterloo, Iowa. He received his doctor of psychology degree from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Chicago, and completed his post-doctorate experience at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine in 2001. He is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in health psychology, including behavioral pain management. He also has interests in Sport Psychology and provides consultation regarding athletic performance and rebounding from injuries.

Did you know?

Chronic pain is a complex condition influenced by multiple factors, including physiological, behavioral, environmental and social variables. Behavioral pain management services are an integral part of the comprehensive treatment of pain, and can help patients sort through and address the various life circumstances contributing to, or being affected by pain.

What is behavioral pain management?

In conjunction with a medical treatment regimen, behavioral pain management interventions assist patients in managing the emotional experience of pain while increasing understanding of significant behaviors and ways of thinking that can factor in to a patient’s pain pattern. Behavioral treatment goals are designed to assist patients in developing effective coping skills that can be applied and maintained in the management of chronic pain.

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