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Caring for hospitalized babies and children

For children, going to the hospital can be frightening. Families can rest assured that Mercy's Pediatric Inpatient Center goes the extra mile for young patients, making sure they are well cared for and comfortable with a physician in-house 24 hours per day, seven days per week to be available whenever needed.

Our philosophy focuses on family-centered care, and together, we can help your child be comfortable during his or her hospital stay.

We care for a wide range of children from birth through age 17, including those who were admitted directly by their provider, through the emergency room or after surgery.

Once your child is here, we stress continuity of care. We want your child to be comfortable during his or her stay and see familiar staff faces.

We provide age-appropriate video games, movies and books to help your child relax, rest and recuperate. Plus:

  • An ocean-themed procedure room
  • A family room with a whiteboard for kids and a cozy living room; washer and dryer; and full-size refrigerator and freezer for family and patient use
  • HUGS security system
  • Fresh cookies baked daily on the unit
  • Wii video game systems in every room
Sara Neff, ARNP

Sara Neff,

Mercy's Pediatric Hospitalists

Our specially trained pediatric hospitalists and nurses know children and their needs, and they will carefully monitor your child's condition.

What is a pediatric hospitalist?

A pediatric hospitalist is a pediatric healthcare provider who works with hospitalized children.

What does a pediatric hospitalist do?

Dr. Zavala and Sara care for babies and children who were admitted to Mercy after surgery, an emergency, or for any other reason.

As pediatric hospitalists, they coordinate a variety of services for hospitalized children, including:

  • Leading and managing your child’s care while he or she is in the hospital
  • Performing physical examinations
  • Ordering tests and procedures
  • Prescribing medications
  • Referring patients to specialty physicians, if necessary
  • Maintaining communication with the child’s primary provider

Can my child’s pediatrician or family provider see my child in the hospital?

Some pediatricians and family providers will come to the hospital to care for their own patients. However, because physician practices are becoming busier and hospital technology is advancing rapidly, primary physicians are increasingly enlisting the help of a hospitalist to care for patients at the hospital.

Will my pediatrician or family provider be updated on my child’s condition?

Yes. While Dr. Zavala and Sara will be highly engaged in your medical care, your primary physician will be continuously updated on your child’s admission, discharge or any changes in your health during your stay at Mercy.

Contact Information

Mercy Medical Center
701 10th Street
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403

Level 8

Park in the ramp at 10th Street & 8th Avenue. Enter the hospital and take the elevator to Level 8. The Pediatric Inpatient Center entrance will be to your right.

Phone Number:
(319) 398-6551 

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