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Driving Evaluations

Part 1: Clinical Evaluation

This two-hour pre-driving appointment evaluates physical, visual and cognitive skills, including: memory, judgment and foresight, planning and problem solving, vision and perception, divided attention, as well as strength and endurance, range of motion, sensation and physical reaction time.

This portion necessitates a physician order for payment to insurance companies.

Part 2: Behind the Wheel (BTW)

Mercy Driving Rehabilitation CarThis portion is scheduled following successful completion of the clinical appointment and is used to test and verify skills in a real-life scenario. BTW evaluation is completed in a Mercy sedan, specially equipped with adaptive driving devices and instructor controls for training purposes and safety. The evaluation takes place in a variety of driving settings – from mild and moderate traffic to highway and interstate driving based on the driver’s needs.

Payment for this portion is not covered by insurance companies. Please see the contact number below for more information on cost and potential funding options.

BTW Training

When appropriate, individualized treatment/training sessions are used to build necessary skills and facilitate safety and independence on the road. The focus of behind the wheel training is to:

  • Ensure proficient driving skills in all necessary areas of driving environments
  • Verify safe use of adaptive driving devices in real-life settings

Adaptive Driving

Mercy Driving Rehabilitation car adaptive devicesIf certain physical limitations are present, adaptive driving devices may be a necessity in order to safely access and operate the vehicle's controls. The process includes:

  • Identification of equipment needs during clinical evaluation
  • Selection of specialized equipment to meet the client's needs
  • In-vehicle training on use of the equipment
  • Collaboration with a local mobility dealer to make the modifications
  • Final drive to ensure driving proficiency in their own car
  • Communication with the state driver licensing board to denote the new equipment on their license

For additional information, please contact us at (319) 389-5919.