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MercyCare Telehealth Clinic at Rockwell Collins

MercyCare Telehealth Clinic

The MercyCare Telehealth Clinic at Rockwell Collins is an on-site healthcare clinic for Rockwell Collins employees and dependents (>5 years of age). It's quality, convenient, lower-cost healthcare, right on the Rockwell Collins Cedar Rapids campus.

The MercyCare Telehealth Clinic at Rockwell Collins also offers routine lab services at the clinic. You can schedule an appointment ahead of time by calling 319-263-EXAM(3926), or you can walk in. However, a lab order is required.

The full service lab can handle most routine labs that can be done at other outpatient labs. Certain tests, such as influenza, strep, pregnancy and RSV, can be conducted at the clinic. Tests requiring a culture or blood draw will be drawn on-site and then set out daily for processing at Mercy Medical Center.

For more information regarding lab services, visit our Lab Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

How Telehealth Works

A telehealth visit is similar to a regular doctor's office visit. After checking in, you will be taken to a private exam room where a registered nurse will take your health history as well as document your reason for visiting.

Next, the nurse will call the provider and they will appear on the secure telehealth video feed; the nurse will remain in the room for the duration of the exam. You will be able to see and interact with the provider through the telehealth video feed.

Conditions Treated at the MercyCare Telehealth Clinic

The following illness/acute conditions can been seen via telehealth technology. If you have questions about whether or not you can be seen, please call the clinic directly at (phone numbers).

Allergies Mono Athlete's Foot Rash
Bladder Infection Pink Eye Cold/Canker Sores Shingles
Cold Sinus Symptoms Eczema/Dry Skin Poison Ivy/Poison Oak
Cough or Bronchitis Sore Throat/Strep Acne Styes
Earache/Swimmer's Ear Urinary Tract Infection Itchy Eyes Flu-Like Symptoms
Nasal Congestion Impetigo Skin Infection Scabies

Please note: for your own health and safety, telehealth visits should only be used for non-urgent, non-emergency health issues and questions. If your symptoms suggest a possible serious condition, please call your doctor's office, visit the nearest hospital emergency department or dial 911 immediately.

Meet the Providers

Meet the experienced providers who are providing care through the MercyCare Telehealth Clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the MercyCare Telehealth Clinic at Rockwell Collins.

Union FAQs

Non-Union FAQs

Lab FAQs

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MercyCare Telehealth Clinic at Rockwell Collins

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Telehealth Patient Feedback

"I was able to get in last minute when I felt awful, and I was in and out in 30 minutes. It was great!"

"I would definitely recommend the Telehealth Clinic to co-workers."

"Excellent Care"

"I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of the visit and how personal it felt even via video."

Contact Information

5070 Rockwell Dr. NE
Suite #1
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Near the pharmacy

Phone Number:
(319) 294-7012 or
263-EXAM (3926) 


June, July & August Hours:
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Monday, Wednesday & Friday

8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Tuesday & Thursday

(319) 398-6652

For questions regarding the MercyCare Telehealth Clinic, please click here. Please do not submit questions directly related to your healthcare, instead please call the clinic directly.