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Sedlacek Programs

Family Program

At Sedlacek, we believe that the family (rather than the individual) is the ideal unit for treatment for full recovery. All significant others (spouses, siblings, children, friends or other relatives) of the patient are eligible to participate in the "Family Program," which is provided on an outpatient basis at no additional cost.

Through group sharing sessions and educational lectures, the "Family Program" offers support during the recovery process and helps the patient face the reality of his or her role in the dynamics of the family. In addition, program participants learn about the specifics of chemical dependency and related issues. Individual family counseling is also provided as needed.

Aftercare Support

Experts agree (and statistics prove) that ongoing support leads to the greatest level of success for patients after their initial treatment period. Sedlacek's aftercare support is free and provided to patients who complete treatment for as long as they wish to attend.

Chemical Dependency Assessments

Provided to anyone seeking a professional opinion regarding their drug or alcohol use, chemical dependency assessments take approximately one hour. This process can identify the severity of the addiction and what level of care the person would need.

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OWI Evaluations

Chemical dependency evaluations for court-ordered OWI cases are provided at Sedlacek Treatment Center. During these evaluations, a formal interview is conducted and a written report is issued within 14 days. Evaluations are available by calling the Sedlacek Treatment Center Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.


After assessments have been completed by our staff, a patient may benefit from three weeks of substance abuse education. Substance abuse groups meet twice a week for an hour-long session.

Smoking Cessation Program

The Smoking Cessation Program at Sedlacek Treatment Center is run by treatment specialists trained at the Mayo Clinic and uses methods proven by research to improve success rates of kicking the habit.

Additional Services at Sedlacek

  • Alumni activities
  • Codependency counseling
  • Education/prevention programs
  • Industrial workshops
  • Information/referral services
  • Speakers bureau
  • EMDR therapy
  • Adolescent-specific aftercare