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Treatment Options

Hope and effective treatment for every dependent person.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The Intensive Outpatient Program is designed for individuals whose chemical dependency may be appropriately treated in an outpatient setting. Admission to the program is determined on an individual basis following an assessment. This program allows the patient to continue with employment, school or home responsibilities while receiving treatment. Patients are expected to commit their primary effort to treatment.

How does the program work?

The Intensive Outpatient Program is highly structured and is designed to maximize recovery through the use of individual, group and family therapy. Therapy sessions are generally offered mornings and mid-afternoons/evenings Monday through Thursday.

In this program, a wellness model of recovery is used to assist the patient in making lifestyle changes and to become involved in self-help groups such as AA or NA. Family members are also encouraged to become involved with the treatment process through participating in family therapy sessions. At the completion of the program, patients are then placed into Extended Phase-II part of the program.

Extended Outpatient Program

The Extended Outpatient Program is designed for patients whose chemical dependency is addressed at a lower level of intensity. This program allows the patient to continue with employment, school or home responsibilities while receiving treatment. In this program, group meetings occur on Mondays and Thursdays with both morning and mid-afternoon/evening programming available.

Treatment in accordance with the patient's needs.

Through Sedlacek's programs, patients are helped to examine their chemical dependency, resolve conflicts caused by their illness and are encouraged to make lifestyle changes. Although the Outpatient Program has a basic structure, each treatment plan is tailored to the individual. In all of our programs, family members are strongly encouraged to participate through the "Family Program." When appropriate, referrals may be made to community services such as financial or marital counseling where the patient's issues may be further addressed as appropriate.

Graduation and One Year Milestone

When a patient has successfully completed his or her course of treatment with us, he or she is recognized by staff and other group members for this outstanding accomplishment. When patients have one year of sobriety under their belts after discharge, Sedlacek welcomes them back to speak to the new group of patients and provide insight into how they are remaining clean and sober. We celebrate this one-year sobriety anniversary with cake and recognition.