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What to Know When Considering Surgery

Surgery is serious.

Deciding where to have surgery is an important decision.

Many consumers are “shopping around” for the best value in surgery. While pricing is important, take into account other considerations that you can’t place a price on. Read more.

Here are some things you should consider when deciding where to have surgery:

Cost is important, but also look for the safest and highest quality hospital.

Hospitals regularly report and share quality information around patient outcomes, complications and other safety-related information. You can see, often via websites like, how they stack up compared to other organizations. The result of your surgery is the most important thing to get you healthy again – know how well your hospital does at making sure that happens. If an organization does not provide or report this information, it is worth questioning to be clear on the level of quality provided with something as serious as surgery.

Ability to handle a complication.

Due to the nature of surgery of any kind, complications can arise. Picking a facility that has lower complications is a good start, but also make sure you understand how equipped the facility is to handle an emergency should something happen during surgery.

Often, free-standing surgical facilities (not connected to a hospital) will need to take the patient by ambulance to a hospital for advanced intervention and follow-up care if certain complications arise during surgery. Many patients choose to have their surgery at a hospital with advanced capabilities, fully equipped to handle anything.

Understand the cost to you as a patient.

The cost to you as a patient for surgery will be determined by many factors, most of which is your insurance provider. A patient’s out-of-pocket costs are not a simple flat fee. They are largely based on the patient’s insurance plan and what selections they made within that plan, including the deductible, co-payment and coinsurance. You’ll find in researching that Mercy is competitive in its pricing for services, including surgery.

We encourage you to contact your insurance provider to understand your out-of-pocket costs. Find common insurance providers and helpful contact information. 

As a patient, where you have surgery is your choice.

You should be offered options so you can select the location that is the best option for you.

Can you accommodate my schedule?

As a patient, your needs come first and you have the choice. Availability at Mercy is never a barrier; we have easy scheduling and accessibility of surgical suites to get your surgery scheduled for when it works for you.

If you feel as if the choices presented to you are limited or you are not given a choice, it may help to ask more questions. Is your surgeon’s schedule limiting your options? Does your surgeon have additional financial interest in a free-standing surgical facility? When scheduling your surgery, the availability provided to you is most often based on the availability of the surgeon, not the facility. Knowing all of the information will help you make the most informed decision for you and your family.

If you have questions at any time, please call (319) 398-6709 and Mercy's staff can assist you as you learn more about your options.


Please contact us at any time at (319) 398-6703 with any questions about scheduling your surgery.

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Contact Insurance

Find common insurance providers, helpful contact information and a guide to help you understand how to get accurate cost information. Learn more.