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Why Choose Mercy

We understand the stress a surgery may cause, and our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you with the best care possible through the latest technology and compassionate care.  It's what we call The Mercy Touch®.

More patients choose Mercy for their surgery than any other facility in Cedar Rapids. This list illustrates why - including tips to make your visit to Mercy's Surgery Center a positive one.

We're a Great Team!

You can expect excellent care while you are here. You can have every confidence in the skill of our expert doctors, nurses, technicians and support staff. Our well-trained team members are friendly, respond promptly and keep you informed of the plans for your surgery.

Keeping You Informed

We try to make sure you are fully informed. You will have received information from many sources: your surgeon's office, your PASE (Pre-Admission Surgical Evaluation) interview and your pre-operative caregivers.

Comfortable Waiting Area

Mercy provides a comfortable waiting area for members of your family and friends. Blankets and pillows are available for their comfort.  Phones and laptop Internet access are available. Continental breakfast and vending machines are on-site. The Mercy cafeteria is on the first floor (Level 1) of the hospital.

Including Your Family & Friends

Family members or friends are encouraged to stay with you until you are taken into the surgery suite. Two people are allowed in your pre-op room at one time. It is important for the surgeon to talk with family members or friends immediately after the procedure; therefore, at least one person needs to remain in the waiting room until the surgery is complete. After speaking with the surgeon, typically there will be a 10- to 60-minute wait while you are cared for in the recovery room.

Expert Physicians

The anesthesiologist will visit with you before your surgery. Your surgeon will visit with your family immediately following your surgery. You usually will not see him or her again until your post-operative office visit.

Committed to Privacy

We are dedicated to ensuring your privacy while you are at Mercy.  The curtain in your room will be closed during your care. As a patient, you will move from pre-op, to surgery, to recovery without ever leaving the Surgery Center. We follow HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) regulations. For example, patient conditions are not given out over the phone. You can feel secure knowing your privacy is protected.  

Nurses' Concern for Your Comfort

With any surgical procedure, some post-operative pain is to be expected. We will ask you to rate your pain, using a pain scale.  Our objective is to control your pain.

Thorough After-Surgery Care

If you are going home on the same day as your surgery, you will be brought to Phase II recovery, where your family and friends may join you. The length of stay in Phase II recovery is normally from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the procedure and your needs. If you are staying in the hospital, your family and friends may accompany you to your hospital room.

Discharge Instructions

It is not unusual for patients going home to have some pain and/or nausea. When you meet criteria for a safe discharge, you will be discharged to go home. We will answer your questions and provide you and your family and friends with written instructions for home care.

Quality Overall Care

Our quality of care and outcomes are among the best in the nation. It's through The Mercy Touch that we provide that care and make sure every aspect of your surgery at Mercy is a positive experience.  And remember, you too are a member of The Mercy Touch Team.

Thank you for choosing Mercy Medical Center for your healthcare.