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Prone 2D/3D Breast Biopsy System

Affirm breast biopsy technologyThe fastest, most comfortable, latest breast biopsy technology that allows patients to avoid surgery. 

Only at Mercy.

In October 2016, Mercy became the first in Iowa to use the AffirmTM 2D/3D prone biopsy system for breast biopsies. The system provides many benefits, including greater clarity, a faster procedure, greater comfort for patients, and a reduced need for surgery in many cases. Improved efficiency means less time under compression for patients. 

The Affirm™ prone biopsy system by Hologic™ is the first dedicated stereotactic prone biopsy system offering 2D and 3D imaging-guided breast biopsies. It allows patients to lie face-down, or prone, on the specially designed exam table, which gives doctors better access to the breast and allows them to more precisely target lesions or calcifications found during 3D mammography exams, as well as other screening procedures.